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Jimmy G’s Steaks – Philadelphia, PA

Jimmy G’s Steaks – Philadelphia, PA

Probably the first thing that comes to mind from anyone who is not from Philadelphia is our beloved cheesesteaks. We have become the international hub for where to get the real deal. I personally think we should make anywhere else that sells them outside of Philadelphia become certified just like chefs who have to fly to Rome to become certified in pizza making these days. Well sitting in the shadows of the Divine Lorraine Hotel is a new contender Jimmy G’s Steaks (JGS). It is not in the nicest of neighborhoods, but if the gentrification of the area happens as it has been rumored for years that could change. They have a very nice courtyard at JGS for you to sit and enjoy your meal so I hope the neighborhood does get some things spruced up to have a nice view while having a meal. On the food front, JGS has tried to differentiate themselves and avoid the argument of what is better, sliced or chopped steaks by offering both options. I would try the sliced version.

jimmy g

The meal consisted of sliced rib-eye, whiz, ketchup and fried onions on a roll with a side order of old bay fries. JGS has a HUGE sign on the front of their building proclaiming “Best Fries in Philly”. The fries were seasoned well, cooked nicely, and a jumbo version of a French fry which I have not seen around much, but they were no where near the best fries in Philly. I could tell they were frozen and can name a dozen places with better fries. Now to talk about the cheesesteak. The sliced steak gave it a little more of a luxurious feel not having to worry about the steak falling out between bites, was a bit chewy though, but they did provide a decent amount of meat. The wiz and fried onions were of your standard variety, roll was fresh, but ketchup was a little heavy handed. For being fresh on the cheesesteak radar of Philly, JGS handled themselves well. The cashier seemed new so the order took a little longer than should have, but with time JGS may have a well trained staff and sights to enjoy around them. You may want to get there before the tourists or hipsters do.


Three out of Five Stars

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