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Shanks Pier 40 – Philadelphia, PA

Shanks Pier 40 – Philadelphia, PA

With a dining location on the banks of the Delaware River you would think you have hit gold. Shanks Pier 40 (SP) does indeed have a riverfront location, but unfortunately the scenery is completely missing. It is just a tiny little building and a parking lot. For what they lack in scenery I had high hopes for the food from SP especially after touting accolades from the New York Times and Esquire magazine as well as SportsRadio 610WIP’s Winner of Best Hot Sandwich Award. I would order their award winning sandwich chicken cutlet italiano.

pier 40

The chicken cutlet italiano included broccoli rabe with sharp provolone and I ordered a side of fries as well. I must talk about the fries first as they really surprised. They were a fantastic shoestring fry and cooked to perfection. They were nice and crispy and just the right amount of salt added to them. Best shoestring fries I have had in a long time. The sandwich was very good also as I really enjoyed the way they finely chopped the broccoli rabe and it was seasoned beautifully. They also had just the right amount of cheese and the roll stood up well. The chicken was good, but was just missing something for me whether it is in the breading or not, that I have had just a tad better cutlets other places. What SP has going for them is the all-around quality when you add everything together food wise. They do dreadfully lack an ambiance or any feeling of a waterfront attraction. If SP lucks out one day and gets something like Race Street Pier or the pop-up Spruce Street Park you may finally get the best of both worlds at SP, but until then you should still visit there, just know it is only for the food.


Four out of Five Stars

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