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The Happy Rooster – Philadelphia, PA

The Happy Rooster – Philadelphia, PA

A person can become ravenously hungry while walking the streets of Philadelphia. When it strikes, it needs to be addressed. Such an event happened to me not so long ago and I took refuge at The Happy Rooster (HR) to quell my hunger. HR has a lot of character the minute you step inside which I like. I came for food though, not the ambiance or chit-chat. The food train would get rolling with an order of wings.

rost wings

They were called chicken wing confit in a maple bacon chili sauce. The wings were of decent size, but were slightly over cooked and chewy.  The sauce, while good for the first few bites, was much too overpowering in the sweet department. Maybe a little less maple and a little more chili would have helped. Next up was the rooster burger and hand cut fries.

roost burger

The rooster burger consisted of American cheese, bacon, caramelized onion puree, and a fried egg on top. Where HR fell flat in the wings, they picked the pace right up with the burger. Burger was cooked to perfection, bacon was beautifully crispy, caramelized onion puree was fantastical, and the egg was done just right to top it all off. The fries were nice as well, but a little on the dry side for my personal tastes.

roost fries

HR had its shares of ups and downs, but overall I was a Happy Rooster after my visit and able to go along with the rest of my day. A little more focus on the wings and fries, and HR could not just have a happy rooster, they could have the entire farm pleased.


Three out Five Stars

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