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Steve’s Prince of Steaks – Philadelphia, PA

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Steve’s Prince of Steaks – Philadelphia, PA

The word Philadelphia to many people around the world just means to them cheesesteak. They may not know where in America Philadelphia is or its history, because to them, all we are is just a cheesesteak. I know this for a fact by the many people around the world I have met. The only thing they know about where I am from is this sandwich. With this being said, competition is tight and everyone claims to have the best cheesesteak. Strolling around City Hall one day had me stop by Steve’s Prince of Steaks (SPS). I found the name to be amusing, as you would assume they would want to be king, but who I am to argue. The interior is a basic as it comes, crowded the day I visited, and music was loud.

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I would go with a cheesesteak with fried onions, mushrooms, and American cheese with an order of spicy fries. The one thing that threw me for a whirl were the different windows to order sandwiches and French fries. I ordered my sandwich and then had to wait in line again to get fries. This caused my steak to be called first and then had to wait a few minutes longer for my fries. Why not just have one order and pick-up window. As far as the meal went,  the meat was sliced not chopped and a decent serving size was given. It was a tad thick and had a chewy spot or too, but for the most part the meat was nice. The roll did not stand up well though. It got pretty soggy, pretty fast and started to fall apart causing the meat to fall out of the bottom. The fries were cooked nicely,  seasoned well, and were good. Just not great.

SPS was better than average, but by far not the best around Philly. With this being said, I guess being a Prince is not a bad position to be in a city with such high standards for cheesesteaks. The search for a King continues.


Two and half out of Five Stars

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