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Little Spoon Café – Philadelphia, PA

Little Spoon Café – Philadelphia, PA

It is well documented that people go “GAGA” for Little Spoon Café (LSC) breakfast and brunch. I am not a huge fan of either, so of course I would try them for lunch. LSC is a very quaint dining destination, but they pack people in to every spot available while a line to order was long, yet calm and quiet. I would order their Braised Pork Sandwich with chips and homemade dip.


Let me start out by singing the praises of LSC’s homemade French onion dip. I could easily eat this stuff buy the bucket load and be pleasantly plump and happy. You are sorely missing out on a delicious treat if you do not order the dip on any visit to LSC. I cannot believe they are not pairing the dip with homemade chips to go with it. The braised pork sandwich on the other hand was good, just not great. It was braised pork shoulder, with fontina and braised greens on grilled artisan bread. The combination was nice, but was much too salty, greens were bitter, and bread was very greasy. These are all things that are easily fixed, and as busy as LSC is they just need to take the time to execute a little better. I enjoyed the LSC experience; it just did not “WOW” me. Maybe next time I will try them from breakfast or brunch.


Three out of Five Stars


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