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Royal Mandarin Chinese Restaurant & Sushi Bar – Deptford, NJ

Royal Mandarin Chinese Restaurant & Sushi Bar – Deptford, NJ

The Deptford Mall area is surrounded by restaurants, but sadly the vast majority of them are chains. Now Royal Mandarin Chinese Restaurant & Sushi Bar (RMC) has quite a few restaurants of their own, but they are mostly all located in South Jersey. In an unassuming strip mall sits RMC, and walking inside they really don’t have a lot character, but it gets the job done nicely and staff was friendly. I would go with a Chicken Teriyaki lunch special.


The meal was good, just not great, but it was affordable. The chicken was a generous sized piece, but was a little dry from being overcooked. The sauce and rice was just your standard variety, but the veggies were nice and fresh and crisp. RMC is a nice change of pace around the area they serve; I just do not see myself rushing to visit them on their own without a pre-planned visit to this shopping area. If the next time I visit them, if their sushi selection knocks my socks off, then I will reconsider making them a destination.


Two and half out of Five Stars


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