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La Polpetta – Deptford, NJ

La Polpetta – Deptford, NJ

This is a cozy and intimate restaurant away from the main Deptford Mall area. Nice friendly and family like service, and I really enjoyed my lunch here. I had the PORKETTE which is braised pork shoulder, broccoli rabe, and sharp provolone. Others in my party had meatballs, and they really enjoyed all the different variety of them.

Viet Pho – Deptford, NJ

Viet Pho – Deptford, NJ

What a great time here. They should be having their Grand Opening in about a week or two. The service was top notch and friendly, and the food here really compliments the Deptford Mall area with even more ethnic and food variety to choose from when visiting or shopping in and around South Jersey. I like how this area is now having a good mix of chain and independent restaurants again to appease all palates and needs. If you’re in the area and have a craving for Vietnamese, Viet Pho will certainly cure your need for a fix. Nhan Truong the owner of Viet Pho is no stranger to the restaurant industry as she previously owned Viet Bistro in the Cumberland Mall in Vineland, NJ that received many rave reviews until she sold the restaurant two years ago. Below are some pictures of the meal:

Crispy Roll Sampler
Fresh Roll Sampler
Lotus Salad with Shrimp
Beef Wrapped Grape Leave, Grilled Shrimp and Chicken.

Main course – Filet Mignon and Oxtail Beef Noodle Soup

Desert- Fried Banana and Honey Ginger Hot Tea (Not pictured as it was eaten as soon as it was put on table)



Royal Mandarin Chinese Restaurant & Sushi Bar – Deptford, NJ

Royal Mandarin Chinese Restaurant & Sushi Bar – Deptford, NJ

The Deptford Mall area is surrounded by restaurants, but sadly the vast majority of them are chains. Now Royal Mandarin Chinese Restaurant & Sushi Bar (RMC) has quite a few restaurants of their own, but they are mostly all located in South Jersey. In an unassuming strip mall sits RMC, and walking inside they really don’t have a lot character, but it gets the job done nicely and staff was friendly. I would go with a Chicken Teriyaki lunch special.


The meal was good, just not great, but it was affordable. The chicken was a generous sized piece, but was a little dry from being overcooked. The sauce and rice was just your standard variety, but the veggies were nice and fresh and crisp. RMC is a nice change of pace around the area they serve; I just do not see myself rushing to visit them on their own without a pre-planned visit to this shopping area. If the next time I visit them, if their sushi selection knocks my socks off, then I will reconsider making them a destination.


Two and half out of Five Stars