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Szechuan Hunan Chinese Restaurant – Philadelphia, PA – Rittenhouse Square Area

Szechuan Hunan Chinese Restaurant – Philadelphia, PA – Rittenhouse Square Area

The Rittenhouse Square area of Philadelphia is one of the nicest places to just go for a stroll in one of the most upscale areas of town while having a beautiful park to separate you from the urban jungle. While I enjoy fine dining just as much as the next person, sometimes you just are not in the mood or have the monetary means to do so, and this area is not budget friendly for the most part. Situated about a block away from the park I found Szechuan Hunan Chinese Restaurant (SHC). The interior was a little dark and dated, but the extremely friendly service overcame any of that. I would try their shrimp and chicken in peking sauce.



I started with the egg roll, which was very nice and not greasy at all. For the entrée, the chicken was nice chunks of white meat and the shrimp were cooked just right and of decent size. Where SHC really shined was the extremely fresh and large portion of veggies. Nice crisp zucchini, carrots and celery were in the mix. One downfall was there were an absurd amount of water chestnuts in the dish. It just seemed like someone dropped a whole can of them in my dish. My major complaint with SHC would be the rice served to me was your standard Chinese take-out variety, which was a shame. SHC was a nice surprise and even better on my wallet.


Three out of Five Stars


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