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Jasmine Rice Thai Culinary– Philadelphia, PA

Jasmine Rice Thai Culinary– Philadelphia, PA

Walking the streets of Philadelphia you pass so many restaurants that the options seem endless. I do not remember what caught my attention, but Jasmine Rice Thai Culinary (FRTC) summoned me to give them try. I would start things off with the Salt and Pepper Shrimp Roll.


The roll consisted of jumbo shrimp marinated with sea salt and white pepper, wrapped in a thin spring roll shell served crispy with tangy chili dipping sauce. The shrimp was a really nice size and cooked well, but the dipping sauce did not seem homemade and overall the dish had a bland flavor to it all. I would have rather just had the shrimp by itself. Up next would be Drunken Duck.


This dish is roasted semi-boneless duck served in a spicy rum chili garlic sauce over noodles and Chinese broccoli. The duck was a really nice portion and each bite was tender, but the sauce was much too pasty and thick and drowned out any flavor from the duck or anything else in the dish. The noodles were nice, but again the sauce just overpowered everything and seemed to have a syrupy consistency to it. The other downfall was there was practically no Chinese broccoli present either. Again, I would have been happier just have the nice pieces of duck on their own.

FRTC certainly had good intensions as the service was very friendly, décor modern, and provided nice quality pieces of seafood and meat. What they need to focus their attention more on is quality control of their sauces and overall flavor profiles of their dishes.


Two out of Five Stars


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