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Charlie’s Country Ribs – Philadelphia, PA

Charlie’s Country Ribs – Philadelphia, PA

On the outskirts of the Temple area sits Charlie’s Country Ribs (CCR). This area of Philadelphia lacks any al fresco dining, walking around the neighborhood once done eating, or entertainment venues to make it a dinner and a show sort of night. What CCR does offer though is down home service with unfiltered conversation being had in the establishment. I do not wither when non-politically correct things are being said about or around me. If you do, be aware that CCR may not be for you. I embrace it and find that you can instead find the pulse of how people really feel or what is on their mind. I will admit it is best to say no comment at times on some of the subjects, but for what it is worth; CCR is at least entertaining with a crowd inside. The dining space is neither large, up to date, nor astatically appealing, but it is real. I would order fried chicken, cabbage, and mac and cheese as the ribs were still cooking and I did not feel like waiting.


CCR is not cheap by any means, which is surprising for its location. The food was good, better than average, but not great especially for the price point with other locations offering a superior product and a more friendly dining atmosphere. The chicken was moist, but seasoning was a tad bland. The mac and cheese could use just a little more something to it as well as the cabbage. For where CCR is located, they are by far the best around. It is just a shame that nothing else is around them to make a trip there appealing. Would I go back? I certainly would, but next time to try the ribs that they are named for to find out if they are worth staying on my radar.


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