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Parkway Corner Deli – Philadelphia, PA

Parkway Corner Deli – Philadelphia, PA

The Parkway and arts district in Philadelphia is booming with new buildings, restaurants, stores, etc. The Parkway Corner Deli (PCD) is near the intersection of Spring Garden and the Parkway. PCD took over little while ago and gutted the space of a deli that was in the same location for many years. The makeover PCD did is remarkable as the old deli was quite old and beat down, and the selection of beers and things to buy at PCD is a large improvement compared to the last tenant as well. PCD is bright, stylish, and their ordering system for hot foods it completely digital. I would go with a chicken cheese steak with fries.


The meal was quite average in all aspects, but the prices at PCD are extremely reasonable compared to others places to eat near PCD. You are not going to get any surprises on the menu or find a new trend, but PCD had friendly service at a great price and some neat little foodie and beer finds in their aisles. If I am in the area and looking to dine on a budget and grab a few items to go, I will not hesitate to stop in PCD again.


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