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Adelphia Restaurant – Deptford, NJ

Adelphia Restaurant – Deptford, NJ

Sitting on top of a tiny hill across from the Deptford Mall is Adelphia Restaurant (AR). AR is more than just a restaurant though, it is an empire. They have huge banquet facilities, dance floors, bars, a theme and special for every night of the week, and indoor and outdoor dining areas. No matter your age, gender, or background AR seems to bring to the table a little bit of everything for everyone. I would join AR for dinner and would be impressed, for the most part. The meal started with a New England clam chowder.


The chowder was better than average and was accompanied by bread and butter. It did its job, but was nothing to really write or mention about. My entree prime rib would be next.


The prime rib is where AR really shined. The price point was very affordable, yet tasty. They brought it out with a beautiful pink hue and it was tender and juicy with each bite. The green beans were fresh, sautéed nicely and crisp and the baked potato was large and not overcooked in the least like a lot of places do. A slip for AR was the service. The server would visit two times within a five minute period and then not be seen again for thirty minutes and it took a little longer than needed when the check was asked for. Visits to the tables should be timed in an evenly flow of the meal and is easily fixed with a little retraining or refresher to the staff. Even with tiny misstep in service, I must say I did enjoy AR especially since my son was dining with us the night we choose to visit AR and they had a balloon artist going around to all the tables for the kids which was a nice touch. I will definitely visit AR again.


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