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Ocean Asian Cuisine – Sewell, NJ

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Ocean Asian Cuisine – Sewell, NJ

New Jersey is known for their abundance of strip malls, whether good or bad. Well Ocean Asian Cuisine (OAC) falls into the good category. The saying, do not judge a book by its cover fits OAC perfectly. Completely unassuming on the outside, the second you step foot into OAC you are transformed to an entirely different world especially for the location they are at. You would expect such décor, music, food styling, and service in the city, but not in the heart of Jersey’s suburbs. I was happy before I even ordered, but when I did finally decide what I wanted; my order would be Red Snapper with Thai Chili Sauce.


The dish was lightly fried red snapper beautifully plated and displayed. My fish was slightly overcooked and sauce was more than the dish needed, but I must say I did enjoy it nonetheless. OAC has a very large menu and goes from Chinese to Japanese and by the looks of the sushi coming out OAC has some nice options that I hope to try sometime soon. OAC was not perfect, but they were a pleasant surprise and one of the better options around the area they serve.

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