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Larry’s Steaks – 10th & Girard – Philadelphia, PA

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Larry’s Steaks – 10th & Girard – Philadelphia, PA

Cheesesteaks, cheesesteaks, cheesesteaks! That is what anyone who is not from the Philadelphia area thinks about. Well there are many well-known cheesesteak proprietors around Philadelphia and Larry’s Steaks (LS) is one of them with a few locations to help satisfy your need. My visit to LS would be their 10th and Girard location.  Upon entering LS they had a very diverse mix of clientele inside, some more together then others. LS was packed with every seat and counter seat taken and the staff buzzing around wildly filling the orders. The service was blunt, loud, and a little hectic. I would go with a cheesesteak with American cheese, fried onions, and ketchup.


I will give LS credit, where credit is due. The sandwich was filled nicely with meat, roll stood up well, and price was reasonable. I can see why they are successful and if I around a LS location again I would not hesitate to patronize them again. Was this the best cheesesteak around? No, but sometimes convenience and price is a good consolation prize and to be the best at that moment.

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