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Local Links Market Café – Haddon Heights, NJ

Local Links Market Café – Haddon Heights, NJ

During a visit to the quaint tiny town of Haddon Heights, New Jersey I found Local Links Market Café (LLMC). Immediately upon walking inside LLMC you can tell they are part of the “local and sustainable” mantra of doing business. They have a tiny section of goods to purchase, a few tables and chairs to dine in, and a beautiful display case of their specialty meats and products. I would go with the sausage sandwich special of the day.


The sandwich consisted of Guiseppi Link Sausage, broccoli rabe, fresh roasted peppers, onions, and was topped with sharp provolone. LLMC impressed with a delicious sandwich with the perfect combination of flavors and cooked it beautifully. I really enjoyed my time at LLMC with extremely friendly service, nice and interesting goods to buy at the truest meaning of a “mini-mart”, a community minded business model, and the ability to take quality fresh meats home. LLMC may abide by the “local” mantra, but I will not. Since I am not local to LLMC, I will be going for a drive to see them more often.


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