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Uptown Beer Garden


(The following is a special series on written by guest contributing writer William Knowles. He highlights his passions of of trying something new whenever the opportunity presents itself, or possibly something old, but new again since it has been a while. I hope you enjoy his very special perspective that I am sure many of you can relate to. Follow him on his exciting journey “Around Town”)

Continuing our theme of summer and beer, the Uptown Beer Garden has opened for a second consecutive season.   on Monday evening, June 6th.


Located at 17th and Market Streets in the heart of the city business district at the BNY Mellon building, this at first hidden gem is now one of the most popular beer gardens in town.  Operated by Teddy Sourias, owner of U-Bahn and BRU Craft and Wurst, the garden will feature three separate bars and an elevated outdoor BBQ grill.  One bar will be anchored by Neshaminy Creek brewery, while other selections include Ballast Point, Pizza Boy and Almanac.  Sangria, frozen margaritas and whiskey sours are also offered alongside the crafts…
Chef Jonathan Petruce will cook up roast pork sandwiches, BBQ skewers, lobster roll, sausage with peppers and cheesesteak.  Some items not normally associated with such a venue, like cucumber salad and fresh made cornbread, add a unique twist to your dinner.  The pork in particular was a favorite of mine, and is a must try if you are a fan of such a flavor…

Teddy has taken steps to improve and expand on the Uptown experience from last year as well.  In addition to adding the third bar, the previously installed marble slats that served as seating have been replaced by picnic tables and benches, increasing capacity.  Open from Monday through Friday, it serves as a perfect happy hour spot for those who work in the city to get some fresh air, along with great food and drink, before they head home.  Stop by anytime this summer through the end of September.  I’ll see you soon elsewhere “around town”…


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