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The Pocono Mountains Preview

The Pocono Mountains Preview


The Pocono Mountains is such a large and beautiful area with such great natural wonders and family fun around every town offering a little something for everyone. Below are some highlights of my recent visit there. The three must visits in my opinion are Boulder Field, Piggy’s Restaurant, and Powerhouse Eatery in the area I toured, but I will certainly be back to explore more of the area and its dining destinations.

Sadly I deleted the food pictures of Piggy’s Restaurant, but trust me the breakfast here is delicious, the staff is amazingly friendly, and their gift shop has tons of great shirts, toys, and other things to buy. Highly recommended!

Boulder Field – Hickory Run State Park – No food, but an amazing sight to see in person and that a picture does this place no justice. Just go there!


Powerhouse Eatery – Fried Chicken Teriyaki Dumplings with honey mustard sauce, Colossal crab cocktail, sautéed soft shell crabs with fresh veggies and potatoes, vegetable soup. This place was from beginning to end my favorite place to eat at.

20160720_190047 20160720_185150 20160720_191858

Sunset Green Restaurant and Bar – Sunset Sea Scallops (blackened sea scallops with a saffron cream served with grilled garlic bread), Cattleman’s BBQ wings, Beef vegetable soup. Great service and good food.

20160720_121012 20160720_122311 20160720_122314

Nick’s Lakehouse Restaurant – Smoked Sea Salt Rubbed Grilled Rib Eye with smoked gouda, peppers, onions, on a garlic shallot ciabatta roll. An amazing view, very friendly, and the deck is a great place to hang out and be with the cool crowd 🙂

20160719_122236 20160719_123617

Feed Mill – Portobella mushroom stuffed with claw crabmeat and topped with mozzarella cheese, mini-shrimp cocktail, lobster bisque soup, red snapper topped with lump crab meat with broccoli and fries. An interesting history and friendly service here. Snapper was tasty and crab was nice pieces of lump crabmeat.

20160719_182520 20160719_183739 20160719_185148

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