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Society of Burgers – Sewell, NJ

Society of Burgers – Sewell, NJ

With a catchy nickname SOB, I was hoping Society of Burgers stood out from the crowd. What I can tell you is that the service was very friendly, interior fresh and modern, and a large variety of things to eat with SOS Society of Salads in the same space SOB/SOS has a little something for everyone. I would get their BBQ bacon cheese burger with applewood bacon, American cheese, haystack onions, bbq sauce and a side of crinkle cut fries.


SOB/SOS was nice, but just did not stand out and scream a must visit for me to go out of my way to go there. I think they have a very nice concept to be able to franchise and become a new fast casual destination, but they need a little more something for me to make it a staple of my food travels. If you are in the area, certainly give them a try though, you might find a new stand-by for the nights you do not feel like cooking.

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