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Spotluck APP Launch Party with Philly Weekly at Uptown Beer Garden


(The following is a special series on written by guest contributing writer and correspondent for “Small Bites Radio” William Knowles. He highlights his passions of trying something new whenever the opportunity presents itself, or possibly something old, but new again since it has been a while. I hope you enjoy his very special perspective that I am sure many of you can relate to. Follow him on his exciting journey “Around Town”)

On Thursday, August 25th, I was invited to attend the launch party with Philly Weekly for the Philadelphia based version of the Spotluck app. A fun and innovative way to help you choose a local pub or restaurant with special deals, the app will soon become a popular download for those who enjoy trying new cuisine in and around the city, at a discounted rate…


Originating in the Washington, DC area some two years ago, this unique technology has grown to begin expanding to other areas, and we will be the beneficiaries. By spinning the Spotluck roulette, you will instantly download a discount to the featured eateries on the wheel. Wherever the wheel stops will garnish you an even bigger discount. Over 100 local spots have signed on to take part in the program, as the overwhelming popularity in the DC area has created a win-win for restaurants and consumers alike.

To raise awareness for the Philly area launch, a massive party was thrown at the Uptown Beer Garden, located at 17th and Market Street’s. Previously featured here on Around Town, the locale has become quite a hot spot for events such as this, and the turnout showed the excitement that this app will generate. Free beer was provided to all by Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co., and prizes given out to various game participants (including those spinning the real-life, giant Spotluck wheel onsite). Swag with the bright green company brand was handed out, and all guests got to see firsthand the benefits of the app and how to most effectively utilize it.


Spotluck CEO and co-founder Cherian Thomas is putting forth a unique and refreshing way to partner with the city’s restaurants, and taking full advantage of a technology that will only continue to grow and change the way we do things. Not to mention that he throws a hell of a party to celebrate a launch! Try downloading the app now to see for yourself, and let it decide for you where to eat your next meal. You may stumble upon something new that you will enjoy, and may not have necessarily tried in the past…


See you next time “Around Town”…

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