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MTQ Café (Old City) – Philadelphia, PA

MTQ Café (Old City) – Philadelphia, PA

Taking a walk around Old City Philadelphia, one is not only entrenched with some of the city’s most interesting and important history, but also a tasty stroll as well with the variety of eateries around. MTQ Café is one of those places and I decided to pop in and give them a try. I would go with their Banh Mi Beef.


The sandwich was your standard Banh Mi variety, and was very good for the location, but with it being slightly grisly and flank steak a tad tough, not the best version around town. The insdie of MTQ is nice and the staff was friendly, but service was a bit slow and they were so slow to take the check I had to walk it up to the counter myself. All in all, MTQ is a nice change of pace for this touristy for of Philly and I enjoyed them for the most part.


Cafe Mai Vy – Philadelphia, PA

Cafe Mai Vy – Philadelphia, PA – NOW CLOSED –

With all of the Banh Mi options around Washington Ave in South Philly it can be overwhelming, especially with half of them not even having things to read in English. I decided to give Café Mai Vy (CMV) a try and it was a worthwhile trip.


I ordered the spicy bbq pork banh mi and it was not only one of cheaper ones around, it was one of the better ones as well. The freshness of the roll, carrots, cilantro and nice fatty pieces of barbequed pork in every bite were wonderful. The service was very minimal as the language barrier made things a bit difficult, but they were friendly and gracious. The décor is very dated and a little mish mash of trinkets and do-dads, but for the quality and price CMV will be seeing much more of me.


Four out of Five Stars