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Uncle Pig’s Barbeque Pit – Gibbstown, NJ

Uncle Pig’s Barbeque Pit – Gibbstown, NJ

The South Jersey area BBQ has been growing and growing the last few years and it has been glorious. Well another desitnation to choose from is Uncle Pig’s Barbeque Pit – Gibbstown, NJ that hails a multiple time Kansas City Barbecue Society BBQ Winner for New Jersey contests. The service was super friendly, quick, and efficient. It is mostly setup for take-out orders, but there are a few high-top chairs and tables to dine-in. The menu is diverse and I had the cup of brisket chili, and a half rack of ribs platter with fries and collard greens. Everything was good and if in the area I would certainly go back and eat some more.

Buffalo Bills Barbecue – Sicklerville, NJ

Buffalo Bills Barbecue – Sicklerville, NJ

I find critiquing barbeque one of the more difficult genres to be objective about since I am a Kansas City Barbeque Society Certified Judge. Eating barbeque from teams with dreams of winning hundreds of thousands of dollars for just one serving of food they labored over for days with recipes perfected over the years and then eating barbeque from a retail location setup to feed the masses is like night and day. With keeping this in mind I decided to try Buffalo Bills Barbecue (BBB) as I was seeing a lot of things posted about them on the internet. BBB is strictly a no frills take-out location. When I picked up the menu, I was a little hesitant as their menu was more on line with a pizza joint than a barbeque location and a little all over the place. I would go with a full rib combo.


The meal consisted of a full rack of baby back ribs, mac and cheese, and collard greens. BBB is nowhere near championship caliber barbeque, but I must admit I was impressed for what is readily available barbeque in South Jersey. The ribs were cooked nicely and were tender throughout. I enjoyed the rub they used and the mild sauce painted on with just the right amount of sauce, unlike some places that pour the sauce on to hide an inferior product. Each bite was juicy and meaty as well. The collard greens really shined as hidden inside each forkful were tiny pieces of pulled chicken that enhanced the overall flavor profile and add a special surprise. The mac and cheese was not too impressive, but I have had worse and it held its own as a decent side.

BBB was enjoyable and I would be happy to try more things on their very large menu and hope everything is as good as what I had my first visit there. The staff was very personable and friendly. The woman behind the counter said she thought she recognized me and had I been to BBB before. With me responding I had not, she replied, “Well darling, I guarantee you are going to love your meal and if you don’t, come back and I’ll give you something else you like instead.” I respect a dining establishment who has confidence in what they are serving. I will be going back to BBB. Not to return what I ordered, but to order some more!


Four out of Five Stars