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Under The C Seafood – Philadelphia, PA

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Under The C Seafood – Philadelphia, PA

There is no doubt about who the king of Philadelphia is. COMCAST! With their larger than life skyscraper sitting at 17th and Arch Streets and another skyscraper in the works, the Philadelphia skyline leaves no doubt who the force to be reckoned with is. With such a large presence, someone has to feed all the people who work there. Well sitting in the belly of the Comcast Center building sits a nice dining hall of all sorts of tasty places to try. My visit would take me to Under The C Seafood (UTC). Their display cases are things of beauty to look at and I wanted to try everything there as it all looked fresh and delicious. I would choose their very affordable for fresh seafood lunch special teriyaki salmon steak, green beans, mac and cheese, and a side order of soft shell crab.



Things started out really well with the very tasty and meaty soft shell crab. It was cooked nicely and each bite was moist. The salmon was really nice as well and the teriyaki sauce complimented it perfectly. The downside of the meal were the sides. The mac and cheese was to me almost flavorless and the green beans were way too much on the crunchy side, almost seemly borderline like raw green beans. UTC specializes in seafood and they seemed to do that portion of the meal admirably to go along with an amazing display of seafood shown. IF UTC can get some good sides going, they may go from under the c to on top of the world.


Three out of Five Stars.