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Famous Eats in Philadelphia

Famous Eats in Philly

So why would Bluejeanfoodcritic be at Wizard World? Well everyone needs to eat, and why not have some fun and find out what famous people like to eat.

Wizard World 2012 Philadelphia was a roaring success. This statement was easily proven Saturday when an announcement was made that too many people were on the second floor of the convention center and that people would have to wait for other people to leave until more people would be allowed in to Wizard World was proof enough that this place was going to be crowded and has plenty of rabid fans. This was my first time ever attending or covering a Wizard World, and I was in for a treat. Due to the amount of interviews I conducted and the time it will take to put them all together, this is the first of three posts.

To save time typing, here are the three questions that were asked to each person interviewed.

  1. Best thing ever eaten?
  2. Worst thing ever eaten?
  3. What would you never eat even if your life depended on it?

I will simply post as below.

  1. Best?
  2. Worst?
  3. Never?

Hope you like it, pass this along to all your friends and family to enjoy, and stay tuned for the third and final post towards all the individuals whose management refused my interview as I will have a special post for all of them. Now down to business.

Wizard World 2012 Philadelphia

Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling

A comedic legend who is as funny today if not funnier than ever, and honestly a true crime if you do not see him live in concert, buy his upcoming Greatest Hits Comedy CD or any of his comedy CD’s or DVD for that matter. He was without a doubt one of the reasons this year’s Wizard World was such a huge success by being a trailblazer as one of the first comedians to attend one of these events that have become a who’s who of superstar entertainers from around the world converging together under one roof all at the same time. His appearance alone is one of the examples of how Wizard World Philadelphia really had something for everyone present.


  1. B – Cowboy Ribeye Steak at Michael Jordon  Restaurant in the Mohegan Sun Casino
  2. W – Peyote Buttons and one warm beer at a Jethro Tull concert
  3. N – Shit

Lou Ferrigno

Before Mark Ruffalo was making The Incredible Hulk something to talk about, Lou was The Incredible Hulk. No CGI or special effects, this man is that damn big of a physical specimen that he embodies The Hulk. Gaining 110% notoriety from his appearance on the latest Celebrity Apprentice and doing motivational speeches, he was a gentle Hulk in my interview and a great man.


  1. B – Steak
  2. W – Beets
  3. N – Beets

The cast of Spartacus. Craig Parker, Katrina Law, Lesley-Ann Brandt

After putting the pay cable channel Starz on the map, and the unfortunate death of Andy Whitfield, Spartacus War of the Damned will be its last installment. I know many fans will be sadly disappointed about this, but the cast couldn’t have been friendlier. Enjoy

Promoting: Craig – Katrina – twitter @misskatrinalaw – Lesley-Ann


  1. B – Has never eaten but will before he dies, L’ortolan Bird
  2. W – Anything with fish in tomato
  3. N – My own brain


  1. B – Red Velvet Cheesecake
  2. W – Giant Clam
  3. N – Anything she cooks


  1. B – Steak in Cayon at a place called The Old Store
  2. W – Liver
  3. N – Pork

Melissa Joan Hart

Ever hear of Sabrina the Teenage Witch or Melissa and Joey? Well the star of both of these shows was at Wizard World and happy to talk to me. She was one of the friendliest people at the entire event and I wish her all the success she deserves.


  1. B – NY Pizza (I say BOO to this, not her, as I say BOO to anything NY being born in Philly)
  2. W – Vegemite (I agree and anyone visiting Australia should avoid this stuff, but Aussies love it)
  3. N – Liver

“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase

How great of a professional wrestler was this man? One of the best ever in my opinion, highly underrated and largely unappreciated for the contributions he has made to the WWF & now WWE. I was blown away with a great fifteen minute off the record conversation about war stories from traveling around the world. A fascinating gentleman with a magnetic personality that fits perfectly with him being an ordained minister now, I wish him the best of luck in everything he does.


  1. B – Kobe Beef Steak in Tokyo, Japan (This is a beef lover dream come true)
  2. W – Liver
  3. N – Cow Brains

Lisa Gleave

Hailing from the gorgeous Gold Coast of Australia which is one of my favorite spots in the world, reminds me of some unforgettable times in Surfers Paradise, a place everyone must go before they die. With that being said I give an Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi chant (once you go you’ll know what I’m talking about). She has appeared on the cover of countless calendars, layouts in the magazines of Maxim – Stuff – FHM, television shows such as being Case #3 on Deal or No Deal – CSI New York – Medium – The Price is Right, and now appearing on trading cards from  She was as beautiful as she is articulate and make sure to pick up a pack or box of her trading cards.


  1. B – An unbelievable ravioli in San Diego’s Little Italy
  2. W – Pizza Sub in LA
  3. N – A fan from the Philippines told her when in the Philippines never eat the beef

Paul McGillion

This man has to be one of the busiest people in Hollywood. From being in Once Upon a Time, Captain Starship, Haunting Hour, True Justice, and Cedar Cove currently. He has also been in such shows as 24, X-Files, Smallville, and Supernatural. I don’t know how with being so busy he had time to come to Wizard World and talk to me, but I’m glad he did and have the chance to meet him.


  1. Philly Cheesesteak (way to ham it up to the local crowd, and I applaud cheap pops)
  2. When in New Zealand having pork ligaments in a Chinese Dim Sum
  3. Eye balls

Anthony Michael Hall

If you haven’t seen The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science or TV series Dead Zone than you must be living under a rock and in that case I’m amazed you were able to find my website. Anthony Michael Hall will forever for part of American 80’s pop culture and a fantastic actor.

Promoting: Upcoming Movie – “Dead In Tombstone” with Mickey Rourke and Danny Trujillo

  1. B – His mothers Chicken Parmesan with Pasta
  2. W – Mussels or Clams
  3. N – Dolphins

Robert Knepper

With shows such as Heroes and Prison Break under his belt, there is no doubt that his next television show Cult premiering on the CW channel in January 2012 will be nothing but top notch. I hope when they shot Prison Break, that the catered food wasn’t slop you see in a real prison. I didn’t ask and he didn’t tell.

Promoting: Cult on CW coming early 2013

  1. B – Mother’s Broccoli Cheddar Casserole
  2. W – Mother’s Brussel Sprouts
  3. N – Lima Beans

Ashley Ilenfeld

Do you ever feel jealous of Hugh Hefner? You have good reason to because after meeting Ashley Ilenfeld, if all playmates are as friendly and outgoing as her, it has to be a pleasure to hang out them all day. Her schedule is so busy, yet she took time out to make sure she spoke to each person and it really seemed she was getting to know them. Be sure to follow her career as she has nothing but great things ahead for her.

Promoting: Twitter – @ashleyilenfeld or

  1. B – French Fries
  2. W – Anything that tortures animals
  3. N – Dogs or Cats

David Della Rocco

When you star in epic cult classic movie, you are never forgotten. If I was David and anyone ever wanted to get into an argument with me, I would stare at them and say “I was in Boondock Saints, what have you ever done.” I’m sure that would pretty much close any argument, unless of course David was arguing with Al Pacino or his wife.

Promoting: starring in movie currently being filmed “Dead in 5 Heartbeats”

  1. B – Lobster
  2. W – A steak at a restaurant in LA
  3. N – Chocolate covered ants

Maria Petroro

Who’s this I’ve run into, look out, a Jersey girl! Did I go with the usual, what exit, where’s Jimmy Hoffa, near what landfill? Hell no, I’m an innovator and a genius interviewer able to adjust on the spot and always looking to push my interview skills to the max. So what did I ask her? Well, I just asked her the same three questions I asked everyone else. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, but if you do hate beauty, then you’d loath Maria. Absolutely stunning in person with an accomplished list of credits ranging from Miss Italia USA, television roles on Desperate Housewives – Dexter – Rules of Engagement, starring in movies Tomcat and Reno 911: Miami, and stared in Drop Dead Diva as well.


  1. B – Stuffed Lobster
  2. W – In Taiwan had pigs feet (and I thought this was one of the best things I had in Taiwan)
  3. N – Chocolate covered insects

Mark Metcalf

Hailing from programs such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ally McBeal, JAG, and Mad Men, Mark’s resume of film and theater is impressive and seems like he has almost been one at least one episode of anything you may have ever watched.

Promotoing: Starring on stage in Hamlet, Houston TX

  1. B – Clams in Green Sauce at A.V. Restaurant, Washington D.C.
  2. W – Bad Cheeseburger (maybe it was one of those pink slime burgers)
  3. N – His son

Erin Gray

Having starred in Buck Rodgers, Erin transformed the mentality of women to see that could flourish in any role, especially with breaking barriers in an industry previously dominated by male role models. Her career has continued longer than the normal fifteen minutes of fame for most Hollywood stars. If every star was as welcoming and warm as she is, Hollywood stars wouldn’t get such as bad reputation with being out of touch with the real world and promoting great causes like she is with Haven House.


  1. B – Dark Chocolate Almonds
  2. W – Brussel Sprouts
  3. N – Insects

The Ladies of The Evil Dead and Hal Delrich “Scotty”

Starring in Sam Raimi’s first major released film, the ladies and Hal were a hoot to hang with. They were all so down to earth and accommodating with each one wanting the spotlight not on themselves, but on someone else. You can say that Sam Raimi is a talented director, but without great actors in your first major film, no one would have given him another film to make. Directors may have the vision, but without superstars such as The Ladies of The Evil Dead and Hal Delrich no one would have watched the movie, or have it being the timeless classic that it is.


The Ladies

  1. B – Blueberry Pie and Beef Wellington (That sounds great)
  2. W – Liver
  3. N – Tongue


  1. B – Medium Rare Filet Mignon
  2. W – Lima Beans
  3. N – nothing, he’d eat anything if his life depended on it

James Hong

This man has been in show business for over 50 years and has appeared in at least one thing ever person on earth has heard of since he has been in over 450 roles on film. Some of his most recent roles that have endeared him with audiences are Kung Fu Panda, Balls of Fury,  and Safe. Being as busy as this man is, I have no idea how Mr. Hong runs acting workshops as well, but if you are going to learn from someone it is best to go with someone who has as much experience as he does. I would love to hear some of the stories I’m sure Mr. Hong has accumulated in his career.


  1. B – everything at Saigon Maxim in Philadelphia (talk about Mr. Hong become a local)
  2. W – had the worst turkey sandwich in his life in Philadelphia yesterday
  3.  N – Sewage

Peter Mayhew

What’s that purring sound? What are these furry animals walking around? Light sabers and storm troopers surrounding me? After pushing my way through the Star Wars universe, I am able to talk to Peter who is famous for being Chebacca in the George Lucas classics. He was as friendly as he was hairy in the movies.


  1. B – Texas Filet
  2. W – Japanese
  3. N – Another human being

Aubrie Lemon

Aubrie is no lemon, I can tell you that much. With a glow usually reserved for angels, Aubrie was a joy to interview and the reason why the chain of spa locations called Hello Gorgeous is going to have one successful ad campaign with her being one of their spokespersons. Starring in Deal or No Deal, Surf School, and Superhero Movie she has the world for her taking.


  1. B – Ice Cream
  2. W – Crab
  3. N – Bulls Testicles

Gwithyen Thomas

With Gwithyen hailing from New Zealand and having a culinary background was a dream interview for me. Mr. Thomas was extremely accommodating and promoting GeekNation with founder Clare Kramer in tow. GeekNation was having its beta launch premiere while in Philadelphia, and after looking at their website, it certainly entertained me and know it will be a major web success. Having never been to New Zealand, Mr. Thomas promised when I go to let him know and his chef friends would take good care of me.


  1. B – Chicken Fried Chicken
  2. W – Hot Dog while at San Diego Comic Con
  3. N – Human Beings

Gail Kim

Having just married famous chef Robert Irvine just a week before my interview with her, I really would have looked to interview both of them together and speak to another culinary legend. Do not fret though, as even without Robert there, Gail was awesome to get to know all by herself. Having wrestled in both major professional wrestling companies WWE and TNA, Gail seems like a gentle soul who wouldn’t hurt a fly, but I knew not to get on her bad side and end up in a headlock tapping out screaming uncles in front of thousands of people at Wizard World.

Promoting: Twitter – @gailkimITSME

  1. All Mediterranean Food
  2. Fast Food
  3. Strong Cheese

Percy Pringle III

Starring in the role of Paul Bearer for WWF and now WWE, Percy was one of my favorite interviews. He is the reason many fans loved The Undertaker who he managed, and the storylines that he appearing in are always better than the ones he is not. He was surrounded by two juicehead clowns who looked like basic addition could be a problem for them as well as be more suited to star in the television show Jersey Shore pumping their fists then handling talent. After the tenth time asking what covered and telling them culinary things mostly, but really anything on my mind, they insisted unless my website was only dedicated to wrestling, I was not worthy to interview any of the talent they were managing. My response was “Does Bluejeanfoodcritic sound like a wrestling website for the millionth time, I only want to ask what they eat, nothing wrestling related.” Even after what I thought was a direct answer to them, they said ok, and asked if I had a business card I could give them so that they could keep it on file. After giving them both a business card, and about to start my interview, they responded by saying “Hey wait, your business card doesn’t mention anything about wrestling, we can’t do any interviews.” I never meet such incompetence in my life. About to leave, Mr. Pringle yelled out that he wanted to be interviewed and didn’t care what the two stooges had to say about it. They told Mr. Pringle no, but Mr. Pringle told them to get a life, because he had some great answers he wanted me to write down. I applaud you Mr. Pringle for standing up for yourself, and demanding to have a voice, unlike the other three supposed stars sitting next to you who will have a special note for them in my post about who refused interviews. Be sure to visit

Promoting: Funerals

  1. B – Wife
  2. W – Ex Wife
  3. N – Dead Dog

David (Brother of Tosh.O)

No one wants to be known as the brother of someone, but David was happy promote Tosh.O and his brother. With only kind things to say about his brother, and happy to be in Philadelphia, I hope that Daniel can find a way to find a spot for David on his show as David was just as funny and outgoing. It is sad that Daniel did not come to Philadelphia on his latest tour dates as his sense of humor fits perfectly here and the fans are hungry to see him.

Promoting: and Tosh.O on Comedy Central

  1. B – Pulled Pork
  2. W – Poopy
  3. N – A Rock (I would have switched answers 2 & 3 around if I was David, but that is what he said)

Not Just Another Gaming Podcast

If you want to hang around gaming royalty, this is the crew to do so. Matt McHale, Jim Reed, and Jeff Scott round out this group that together makes NJAGP, the crème de la crème experts of all things board game related with a top notch podcast that airs monthly. Maybe one day Bluejeanfoodcritic will appear as a special guest on this prestigious podcast, but in the mean time check out a related site from Mr. McHale if you want to check out some games for purchase at


  1. B – Father’s pancakes and potato gravy
  2. W – A girl named Sarah
  3. N – Cow Balls

Well that rounds out the first round of interviews. I hope you enjoyed them and be sure to pass this around to everyone you know on Facebook, Twitter, email, texts, and phone calls. As usual be sure to like and book a tour today.