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Iceland is the truest form of Fire and Ice. Freezing temperatures outside, but thermal outdoor pools to still be able to go swimming. Frozen lakes and streams, but hot steam seeping threw the cracks with hot molten lava below your feet. Close to twenty-four hours of darkness in the winter and twenty-four hours of daylight in the summer. They are a country of constant opposites, but they create Iceland’s beautiful and quirky uniqueness that I fell in love with.


airwaves artist


ice view

You have to visit Iceland for yourself to even begin to appreciate it. I will provide a quick synopsis of a thoroughly engrossing experience I was able to enjoy. Reykjavík was clean and welcoming and I was lucky enough to be a part of their 2014 Iceland Airwaves concerts throughout the city with some amazing music to be found around every turn such as at Lucky Records Reykjavik. The church Hallgrímskirkja is a must visit as is the Golden Circle a must trip to complete to see some of the most amazing natural sights ever. I stayed for the majority of my stay at the Best Western Hotel Reykjavik in a very modern and comfortable suite at the very end of the third floor which they so graciously upgraded me to. I am going to list and show the pictures of some of the places I had some very nice meals. I am not going to review them as each and every one was delicious. No need to say good or bad as I enjoyed each one from start to finish and if you ever visit Iceland I highly recommend you visit them as well. Last but not least, no trip is truly complete without a visit to one of the wonders of the world, The Blue Lagoon. Hope you give Iceland a try, and ENJOY!!!!

3 Frakkar a MUST go to with a Iceland sampler of Puffin, Mackerel, Whale, and raw and smoked Shark. Plate is Filet of Lamb

frakar sign frakar plate fraker lamb


Reykjavík Fish and Chips



rey fish and chip rey fish dish


Lobster Hut Reykjavik

lobster hut lobster hut soup


Noodle Station Reykjavik

noodle station noodle beef


Hot Dog House Reykjavik

hot dog house hot dog


Yummi Yummi Reykjavik


yummi yummi yummi noodles


Dons Donuts Reykjavik


dons doughnut truck dons doughtnut make


Gullfoss Waterfall Lamb Soup


Gullfoss Lamb Soup


Cafe Loki Reykjavik – They serve fermented shark


cafe loki


Brennivin – Nickname is Black Death, good way to warm up in the cold weather, just do not drink too much.




Is it ever too cold for ice cream?? NEVER!!!

Paradis Ice Cream palor Reykjavik



iparadis paradise milkshake