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Panorama: Classic Italian Restaurant at Penn’s View Hotel

20161203_182057 20161203_182136

Had a polished and charming meal at¬†Panorama: Classic Italian Restaurant located inside Penn’s View Hotel. The decor evoked feelings of the Sonoma Valley or an Italian Vineyard with a wine list that either would envy. They were awarded the title of “World’s Largest Winekeeper” by Guinness World Records. William Eccleston the General Manager/Wine Director was very accommodating. The house sommelier, Ethan, made the large library of wine accessible for every palate. ¬†Add Panorama to your list and get there pronto!


For more info click the link below and enjoy the pictures. Also mark your calendar as Panorama will be a guest on Small Bites live on Wildfire Radio, Sunday, January 29th 6:35 pm.



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