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Hibachi 2 Go (H2G), Philadelphia PA

Hibachi 2 Go (H2G), Philadelphia PA


Hibachi2Go (H2G) Philadelphia is a new venture by Ian Lo whose bloodline has restaurant experience with his family owning South Ocean in Flourtown. I have never been to South Ocean, so Ian has a clean slate as far as I am concerned.

The H2G space is extremely convenient to reach on public transportation as it sits only steps away from the Septa Broad Street Line Subway and a major depot for the Septa buses as well. So with a name and the concept of H2G, this is a perfect location for something to order on your way to or from any destination on Broad Street.

At H2G I went with their supposed strengths on the menu. First being the Philadelphia Roll, as H2G is claiming to be proud to be in South Philadelphia, the supposed home of the Philadelphia Roll. This claim might have a fight from Madame Saito, the self proclaimed “Queen of Sushi” and an icon of the sushi scene in Philadelphia for the last twenty-five years, and also known to claim ownership of the Philadelphia Roll, but I will let H2G fight that one out with her. H2G’s Philadelphia Roll came out perfectly shaped with generous portions of salmon and cream cheese injected inside. This was not only only fresh, but well worth the $3.95 charge and a good choice. Next to try would be the Chicken Teriyaki as it is the recipient of their menu’s cover photograph. If you want to put something on your cover, make sure it is good. This is the point where H2G slipped. The portion size was plenty, but the chicken pieces were not of high grade, and the vegetables consisted of onions, onions, onions, more onions, and a trace amount of carrot, broccoli, and summer squash. This was a letdown, as if a few better cuts of chicken were inserted, and extra veggies instead of just onions were in place, H2G would have received glowing accolades. Instead I have to tell you they have quality sushi to order and mediocre Teriyaki at the moment. I say at the moment because this is a very easy fix and I hope H2G heeds the warning. They are new to the scene, so hopefully they take their punches, get back up in Rocky style, and grab for the crown of the to-go scene in Philadelphia because the potential is there.


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