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The Really Cooks


Philadelphia based band The Really Cooks is what you get when you mix two well defined genres together. The pressing question I struggled with going into this experience is how well would this smashup translate as a whole. The concept is fresh and as band member Josh Neubauer and designated spokesperson of The Really Cooks explained is a work in progress and improved upon each show. Getting information from rest of the band was more difficult as they were slightly reclusive and vague, but this is not new behavior from artistic minds and obviously this is the reason why they assigned someone in the band to speak for them.

At The Legendary Dobbs event, present were a plethora of multigenerational fans, family and friends, along with long time band supporter Michael Resnick. Michael had a cameo appearance in the show as the Celebrity Chef. He described how the The Really Cooks lifelong friendship has allowed the ability for open creativity to be embraced as opposed to the members of the band bickering and fighting each other or trying to be the standout star. This was a recurring statement from other fans and friends, as well as a mother of one of the band members who could not have been more pleasant or lovely to speak with. Being at the show really felt like a family reunion, especially with the food being passed around.

Musically speaking, The Really Cooks have a collage of musical influences that are heard throughout the show providing an original, but oddly familiar sound for everyone to grab on to and reminisce about some of your favorite melodies. They are well polished on stage, and the musical side of the show is certainly their bread and butter. Besides the merchandise booth brilliantly disguised as a lemonade stand and providing a high-end delectable treat in turn for each purchase and showing an exemplary example of combining their food with music concept, the culinary aspect of the show for a food critic was a little light. Possibilities could include setting up another merchandise booth with different high-end treats, bring some fresh baked goods, or even have members of the audience join in and bring something to attend a potluck concert are some ideas that would make foodies jump for joy. My aspirations for them are to push the envelope more into the food aspect so that the band does not fall into a gimmicky pit, and instead be able to combine both genres seamlessly. I have no doubts this will be rectified, and I believe Josh’s words that every show is improved upon. I cannot grade The Really Cooks music as I am not in the business to review bands. What I can tell you, is they are highly entertaining to see live and you should immediately go see them. They have a great concept, sound, stage presence, and unlimited potential. When you attend their show, make sure to stop by their lemonade stand for a delicious bite to eat and to quench your thirst for quality merchandise.

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  1. Dr. Andrea Brockman

    Great review. The music is of course a great way to enjoy a meal. I love the headline, “Hungry for Entertainment”. People are always looking for a great sound and quality food. The Really Cooks certainly provide a show to satisfy all the tastes

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Like a good dish at the dinner table, pass the review around.


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