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Mo Money for Mo Pho – Roundeye Noodle

Roundeye Noodle, Philadelphia PA


With an electric buzz surrounding the Rittenhouse district, we descend upon Roundeye Noodle’s pop-up location.

The restaurant was with filled to capacity within minutes of doors opening with the anticipation of a flavor extravaganza displayed on the menu. Roundeye Noodle did not disappoint with its beginning palate pleaser of Broccoli with Vietnamese Sausage. Present were little light broccoli bites with a freshness emanating from the dish, while the spiciness of the sausage added the flair needed to impress.

The main dish of Pork Belly Ramen put one of Asia’s noodle specialties with a crossover appeal, within reach. Diners were easily able to understand what would be in the dish; as opposed to being surprised because of a less than perfectly translated menu, like those you find in many authentic Asian noodle places. The combination of ingredients created a well designed Ramen, and my companion replied that it made her feel awake after eating here.

This was the first trial for Roundeye Noodle and I would say it was a success. The event was set-up to attract prospective investors. Hopefully the customers they served will agree and put their money where their mouth is, in Roundeye Noodle’s product.


Due to a name controversy from the Asian Community, partners chef Ben Puchowitz and Shawn Darragh changed name to Cheu Noodle Bar and are no longer doing pop-ups, they have opened up a real restaurant now in Philadelphia. Good Luck!

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