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Lee How Fook, Chinatown-Philadelphia, PA

Lee How Fook, Chinatown-Philadelphia, PA

Chinatown is without a doubt one of my favorite sections of Philadelphia. The flavors, attitudes, customs, architecture, and amount of restaurants in such a condensed area are hard to beat. With the amount of diversity and numerous selections, Chinatown can also be one of the hardest places to make up your mind of where to eat.

This was the first time I have ever been to Lee How Fook and I must say I did enjoy my brief foray there. The service was friendly and attentive, the menu was varied enough for whatever taste you are looking for, and the atmosphere is simple yet tasteful.

I had the Jumbo Shrimp with Chinese Broccoli. The portion was plentiful, shrimp were a nice size, and the flavor was uncompromisingly Asian, yet Western infused enough for almost anyone to enough. The only downside would be that they do not have a lunch special menu and are more suited for you to come for dinner than for lunch like I had, so that means the prices are slightly high for lunch with no extra freebies like most places with a soup, spring roll, or anything else that helps bring a lunch crowd and keep them happy.

Would I come here again? Yes, but I would only come for dinner again, with a few other people in my party to really get a taste of the menu and have everyone share their dishes like in most places in Chinatown.

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