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Babe’s Bar & Grill – Paulsboro, NJ

Paulboro, New Jersey has been in the news lately so why not take a trip down to check out this now famous location. A quick stop with friends had us arrive at Babe’s Bar & Grill (BBG). Upon arriving to BBG, one feels more like you are visiting a friends house more than spending a night out on the town, especially since BBG is held in a real house. BBG is the true definition of what a neighborhood bar is. As soon as we opened the door, the staff here created an atmosphere no different than visiting a good friends house with the staff meticulously taking good care of our party of four throughout the night like we have always know each other. The waitress was as down to earth as you could want, while being so excited with that nights soup of the night “cheeseburger soup”, that she brought a bowl out on the house before we even ordered a thing so we could enjoy our evening right away.

The order of the night was a pitcher of beer for only $6 and four orders of three wings for $1. The beer was standard domestic tap, so sorry to all of you beer aficionados, but no review of my beverage will be carried out in this review. The order of wings arrived piping hot and made to order. Six hot wings on one side of the gauntlet and six garlic and parmesan on the other side ready to be put to the test. The size of all twelve wings were nice and meaty, while cooked perfectly by being gloriously juicy, yet still crisp.

Three for $1 wings

Three for $1 wings

The hot wings portion of the meal was a slight disappointment. The flavor was not very defined, nor did it seem authentically original. It seemed to be just sauce with a spicy kick to it. Now do not get me wrong, these wings were delightful for just a plain hot wing if that is what you are looking for. I am just spoiled with wings in Philadelphia with the arrival of korean fried chicken wings at many locations throughout the city and contenders such as Federal Donuts having an option of wings in any of their famous flavors. Thankfully, the garlic parmesan wings picked up the slack of the hot wings with a nice flavor balance, while not being overpoweringly cheesy or garlicky, but a pleasure filled experience in every bite.

BBG is going to get two ratings on this review. Why or how can they get two you ask? Because I write the reviews and I can change the rules as I see fit.

Overall three and half out of five stars

BBG has the ability to be a destination stop for foodies if they wanted to be by just putting a little time perfecting a wing recipe like no one has ever known.

Experience five out of five stars

BBG gives you an experience that can not be replicated. You could put this staff and food somewhere else and it just would not be the same. They make you feel wanted, provide service that is unheard of these days, and make you feel like family by bringing out something for you to eat before you even speak a word of what you want to order. This is a neighborhood bar, and I commend them for sticking to their guns. They could change and try to woo us foodies to come down to them with fancy menu options or the perfect wing to eat, but then it would not be BBG anymore.

If in the area would I go again?

Without a doubt, who doesn’t like great food and a whole pitcher of beer for $10

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