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Café V – Philadelphia, PA

Café V – Philadelphia, PA

When you are looking for lunch, sometimes you end up in the most unexpected places. Café V fits that bill. One would assume they are just a coffee and tea destination, but they have quite the extensive breakfast and lunch menu as well. The interior is very nice, calm, and modern. I was warmly welcomed upon entering and ordered their version of a cheesesteak.

cafe v

Café V’s cheesesteak consisted of filet mignon, sautéed onions, and mild provolone. The roll had a nice texture and suited the sandwich perfectly. The steak was a little overdone, but the onions were cooked beautifully and plentiful with just the right amount of cheese.

As much as the sandwich stood out and was a decent price for the quality, there were a few bumps. First I was charged more than what the menu stated. I was informed I was accidently charged a delivery fee. Then even though I was the only person in Café V at the time, I waited thirty minutes for the sandwich to be brought out from the kitchen. With time frames like that it almost felt like I was waiting for a delivery. Café V is a nice café and if you have time to relax, sip a coffee or tea, and order food they may just the place you have been looking for.


Three out of Five Stars

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