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The Dutch Eating Place (Reading Terminal Market) – Philadelphia, PA

The Dutch Eating Place (Reading Terminal Market) – Philadelphia, PA

In my opinion the two things that immediately come to mind when I think of the The Reading Terminal Market are great food and Amish vendors. The Amish are the longest tenured vendors and a major contributor of its revival and continued success. Strolling the market makes me want to eat almost every time I visit, so I decided to get a bite at The Dutch Eating Place (DEP). I ordered the open-face fresh carved hot turkey sandwich with gravy and fresh cut French fries.


This meal is all about comfort. On a cold day, what better way to warm up then with nice slices of fresh turkey drowned in gravy. DEP is not a dining destination worried about current trends or fades. They serve what people have eaten for hundreds of years and do it in an affordable and efficient manner. Their space is surrounded with booths to sit and eat, but you either have to get there early or wait in line to sit on one as they serve the masses. The meal was delicious as the turkey was fresh, platter was swimming in gravy the way I like it, and the fries were the perfect way to top it all off and have me fat and happy. DEP is not somewhere I could eat every day or very often, but if and when the opportunity presents itself that you just want something good and your belly full, DEP may just have what you are looking for.


Three and Three-Fourths Stars out of Five

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