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Mike’s Steaks Comcast Center – Philadelphia, PA

Mike’s Steaks Comcast Center – Philadelphia, PA

The market and shops and the Comcast Center provide a diversified picture of what Philadelphia has to offer. It may not be the greatest selection of what we have to offer, but a decent showing and possibly the best food court in town. At one of the far ends of the market sits Mike’s Steaks (MS). MS is a no frills sort of operation, with higher than normal menu prices for their basic offerings, but I am sure the rent is not cheap in this part of town. The service was nothing more than herding the lunch crowd through taking an order, giving a receipt, and waiting for your name to be called. With my turn in line finally, I would go with a cheesesteak with fried onions, American cheese, ketchup, and a side order of spicy Cajun fries with a cup of melted American cheese.


MS provides food for the masses, and they do it quickly like a well-oiled machine. Cheesesteaks are the original fast-casual food and MS has that part down to a science. The fries were tasty and cheese hit all the right notes, but fries were not fresh and cheese I am sure probably came out of a can. They fill a niche for the office workers who do not want to take a chance on a food cart or have a sub-par cheesesteak from an average pizza-joint, so for that I commend them.


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