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Parada Maimon – Philadelphia, PA

Parada Maimon – Philadelphia, PA

So many parts of Philadelphia change so quickly it is hard to keep up any longer. Where Parada Maimon (PM), a Dominican restaurant sits is one such area. What used to be abandoned factories are now thriving condos, apartments, businesses, bars, and the Underground Arts center. PM was very vibrant, festive, and employees happy the day I stopped by for a visit. I would go with half rotisserie chicken with yellow rice and beans.


I was extremely pleased with not only meal as the chicken was moist, beans tasty, and rice cooked perfectly, but the price point was very affordable. PM is certainly not for everyone as the majority of food offerings at PM is nowhere near mainstream enough for the masses, but if you are in the area and wanted a little something different with a smile I certainly recommend giving them a try. I know I will again.


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