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Colonial Diner – Woodbury, NJ

Colonial Diner – Woodbury, NJ


Everyone knows that the words Jersey and Diners go hand in hand. Some areas of Jersey are better than others and the same applies to their diners. Well with a very hip and stylish décor inside and out, Colonial Diner (CD) in Woodbury, New Jersey is one of the better ones around. With rock bottom prices that diners are known for, yet serving a delicious meal, CD hit all the right notes and I was very happy with my visit. The beef barley soup started things out and was very yummy. Then my main entrée of prime rib with Italian style green beans and fries was not the best version of prime rib, but for the price paid was by far one of the better ones I have had in a non-steakhouse setting. Service was friendly, efficient, and from start to finish CD was a pleasure to dine at. I will certainly visit again the next time I am in the area.


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