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Two Fish BYOB – Haddonfield, NJ

Two Fish BYOB – Haddonfield, NJ


Sometimes hype is a bad thing. It builds suspense. It makes you wonder. You anticipate greatness. Well Two Fish BYOB in Haddonfield, NJ has been earning quite the following and press accolades. Just yesterday they were named by USA Today Network as one of the Best Restaurants in New Jersey and where you need to eat NOW. They are on the best of list on OpenTable, Yelp, and also mentioned with raving reviews in many newspapers and online mediums. That’s a quite a title to live up to with just a tad bit of pressure, and a lot of hype. Sounds like a job for the Hype Bros, Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder. Ok, maybe not since this is about food and not a WWE wrestling match, but you get the gist.


I would give you my two cents, but Two Fish BYOB had me beat with their penny covered bathroom floor which was pretty cool to see, so I’ll tell you this. Two Fish BYOB is damn good, great service, very intimate, and somewhere you certainly should be dining if you like a nice night out with a delicious dinner. They are somewhat new and have a VERY small menu, but I heard they change the menu regularly to keep it fresh. Chef Mike Stollenwerk has a recipe for success and currently people really enjoy his current recipe including myself. I will certainly be back and hope the recipe just continues to impress and grow seasonally.

Pictured: Shellfish Soup with spiced coconut broth, crab, manilla clam, and butternut squash, as well as entree of Skate Wing with parsley spatzle, celery root, liik, and clam nage.




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