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The Bourse Food Hall – Freebyrd Chicken & #getfried fry café – Philadelphia, PA

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The Bourse Food Hall – Freebyrd Chicken & #getfried fry café – Philadelphia, PA

My oh my, what a beautiful renovation at The Bourse Food Hall. So many choices and only so much I can eat at one time. Well you’re getting a 2 for 1 deal on this week’s post. You get two different food vendors in one post. For the price you pay to read this blog, that’s a steal. Let me start with the one I really enjoyed. That would be Freebyrd’s Nash-Vegas Honey Hot Chicken Sandwich with slow roasted pulled chicken, honey hot sauce, and beer mustard braised onions on a soft roll. It was delicious and devoured in seconds. I will definitely give them a repeat visit and try some of their other offerings. The other selection was from #getfried fry café with their Oh Canada Poutine with bacon topping. I’ll say I’ve had worse and I’ve had better. They have quite a selection of different things to try fried so I recommend you try them and let me know.

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