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Thomas Murphy’s Pub – Gloucester City, NJ

Thomas Murphy’s Pub – Gloucester City, NJ

There are sports teams, organizations, and charities all around the country that depend on the generosity of local businesses in order to operate and survive. I find this connection interesting at the sports team level as it builds brand loyalty at a young age for many youth sports players. One such area establishment is Thomas Murphy’s Pub that sponsored a team for the Gloucester City Youth Soccer League and their team just so happened to win the 2019 Gloucester City Youth Soccer League Season Championship. Does a champion on the field equate to a winner in the dining room of the sponsor?

What I can tell you about my visit to Thomas Murphy’s Pub is that I was pleasantly surprised. From the décor, ambiance, service, and food everything hit it all the right notes and they scored a happy customer from me. I had low expectations entering, but I left with a feeling of them being a true gastropub with a well-executed meal and an extensive beer and liquor selection. They are one of the perfect examples of don’t judge a book by its cover. It may look like a nondescript local drinking establishment on the outside, but once inside they have a sleek modern look with generous amounts of seating. To complement a spacious first floor, the second floor has all the entertainment options you need to have a fun time with a pool table, foosball, golf arcade, and a pinball machine. This not only creates the atmosphere of fun for the adults, but they are certainly a family friendly establishment as well. My meal consisted of Guinness Irish Onion Soup and the Dubliner Burger topped with rashers, over easy egg, cheddar cheese, Guinness onions, and Jameson BBQ with a side of shoestring fries. The price point is extremely reasonable for the quality of product being served and everything was delicious and spot on. I hope they stay on the path they have carved out for themselves and they will continue to be a jewel in the neighborhood pub category.

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