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Island Dreams Cuisine – Camden, NJ

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Island Dreams Cuisine – Camden, NJ


What a delight, or should I say a dream dining here. South Jersey has had a mix of Jamaican restaurants come and go. Some have been great. Some have been terrible. For one reason or another it has never really taken off like I assumed it would years ago. I don’t know why it took me so long to try Island Dreams Cuisine, but my guess would be that due to Donkey’s Place sitting right across the street I always just went there. Well I can say now I will be torn. Island Dreams Cuisine is one of the best Jamaican in South Jersey right now. It’s a tiny little place without much ambiance, but it’s the food that really matters and the food was delicious. I had a large jerk chicken with rice and peas and cabbage and carrots. With Donkey’s Place recently spotlighted on the New Jersey Bourdain Food Trail and a new throng of visitors dining there, I’ll know when the crowds are too large at Donkey’s, I can just walk across the street to still get a great meal.

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