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Perla – Philadelphia, PA

Perla – Philadelphia, PA

How do you celebrate a wedding anniversary properly? Well nothing says romance more than going to a restaurant where there are no plates, food is placed on banana leaves, and you eat with your hands of course. This is the exact scenario of how I was pampered on our special day and that is one of the many reasons why I love my wife and I couldn’t have been happier having a special meal prepared and served this way.

So now that you know where to go for your next anniversary meal, you are asking yourself how Perla was. Perla which is a modern Filipino restaurant by Lou Boquila only does this special setting and Kamayan meal type on Wednesdays and Sundays to give patrons an authentic sort of Filipino meal to try. We were told that the other days of the week it is more of a formal setting and regular restaurant even with wine glasses present. That sounds nice and all for normal folk, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and saw how foreign it seemed and out of practice I was to eat an entire meal with my hands even though it should feel and be a nature reflex. To top it all off, the food was delicious, service was personable, extremely efficient, and reasonably priced. You know a restaurant is comfortable and confident and that they are serving a quality product when the executive chef chats with you about some other restaurants you should try in the area if you are a true foodie. That openness of food love shows that they recognize good food and how a meal can bond strangers together wanting to share and talk about their experience with others and truly want them to try it for themselves. Not only will I try their recommendations, but I will be sure to return to Perla and I recommend you to try Perla as well.

The meal was Filipino biscuit (not pictured), SINANGAG jasmine rice, garlic, CHICKEN INASAL meyer lemon and soy marinade, FISH fried whole, LECHON KAWALI berkshire pork belly, LUMPIA ground pork, carrots, onions, ginger, PINAKBET eggplant, long beans, bokchoy, and a chocolate dessert that was DIVINE (not pictured).

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