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01-15-17 Small Bites with Glenn Gross and Derek Timm of



This week we welcome Chef Brian Duffy who we all know from Spike Bar Rescue. Well he has partnered with Flying Fish Brewing Company. to create the most environmentally friendly brews and grub at Flying Fish Crafthouse in Brewerytown, Philadelphia.

Then we welcome Denise Cerreta (Founder) and Bob Pearson, Chair and Executive Editor of One World Everybody Eats. One World Everybody Eats (OWEE) is an international nonprofit offering an innovative, pay-what-you-can business model that helps communities alleviate hunger, and is hosting its annual Summit THIS WEEKEND in Philadelphia January 14- 16, 2017. Now in its 8th year, part of The Summit will be hosted by EAT Café, the most recent and Philadelphia-based restaurant to open in the network.
Together, OWEE and EAT Café have created a stellar lineup of speakers for this year¹s summit including:
· Dorothea Bongiovi, program director of the JBJ Soul Kitchen model from Bon Jovi’s Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation , an award winning pay-it-forward community restaurant
· Founder of Turkey Chop in Chicago and a winner of Food Network¹s Guy’s Grocery Games
· Joel Berg Executive Director of Hunger Free America and Author of All You Can Eat: How Hungry is America?
· Joe Garecht, Founder of The Fundraising Authority and a leader in nonprofit fundraising
· Heather Stombaugh, an expert in grant solicitation and stewardship services for nonprofits.

For more info on summit click here…/

STILL NOT ENOUGH??? Well we will also have Bò Né Vietnamese restaurant Woodbury, New Jersey in studio to talk about how they opened a restaurant and serve some of the best Pho around to make you want to Visit South Jersey. Also, don’t forget we will still have our regular weekly segments from Chef Barbie Marshall who was named Pennsylvania’s most influential Chef by Cooking Light and a Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen finalist, John Howard-Fusco the nightlife correspondent for Courier-Post Gannett and The New York Times recognized, and joke of the week from Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling who is performing in Philly Jan. 28th at The RRazz Room at the Prince Theater. Fat Jack’s BBQ and hope you will TuneIn worldwide or catch the following day on iTunes.

Treesy’s Soul Food – Turnersville, NJ

Treesy’s Soul Food – Turnersville, NJ


I found Treesy’s Soul Food (TSF) sitting in an old strip mall, sort of inside another new strip mall area. They are a little off the beaten track, even for Jersey strip mall dining standards. Once inside though, TSF is warm and welcoming, but the interior décor is a little bland. The good thing about TSF is that the décor was the only thing that was bland. My order of fried chicken breast, green beans, and cabbage were all very good and delicious. The prices are about average for this style of food around the area. I enjoyed my meal and the service was top notch and friendly making you feel at home. If you are around the area, and in the mood for soul food, you should certainly give TSF a try.


01-08-17 Small Bites with Glenn Gross and Derek Timm of



We will have on The Amazing Kreskin. He is the world renowned mentalist who has shown his showman’s flair, his comedic wit and his mind-reading skills. Over the past six decades, Kreskin has had twenty published books, a television series and his own board game. The Amazing Kreskin has become a part of pop culture and The Amazing Kreskin will appear at Gotham Comedy Club in New York, New York on January 22nd and has even inspired a major motion picture and now he joins us.
Then we have Chef Jeff Gilham in studio. He is the cajun genius behind the line at Riverpark Pub in Gloucester City, NJ trying to make Gloucester Great again and he is doing a fine job at it after gettting 4 stars for his food from Danya Henninger’s recent Courier-Post review which you can read here:…/riverpark-pub-…/95490966/
Then we have Isleta Resort & Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico scheduled to call in to talk about what is going on out on the West Coast. If that isn’t enough, as usual we will be joined by Chef Barbie Marshall who was named Pennsylvania most influential by Cooking Light and a finalist on Hell’s Kitchen, the Courier Post nightlife correspondent and The New York Times recognized John Howard-Fusco, and our joke of the week from Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling who is appearing at The RRazz Room at the Prince Theater Prince Theater on Jan 28th at 8pm. Fat Jack’s BBQ and hope you join us. Be sure to TuneIn worldwide or listen the following day on iTunes.

Grill Master Deli – (Rittenhouse Square area) Philadelphia, PA

Grill Master Deli – (Rittenhouse Square area) Philadelphia, PA

Sitting directly across from some the most expensive real estate in Philadelphia is Grill Master Deli (GMD). As you would expect, most of the dining options around the area are fancy and a little high priced, GMD thrives with cheap recognizable basic meal options to eat. GMD is not going to wow you, or break new ground with anything, but if you just want a quick affordable something to eat, GMD is the place for you. On a nice day, they could be the perfect fit to get a bite to take-out and sit in Rittenhouse Square and enjoy the sights on a budget. On my visit, I would have their hot roast beef with provolone on a kaisar roll and fries. It was as you may have guessed by now after reading this far “basic”, but that was what I was looking for and GMD succeeded.



El Sanjuanino – Buenos Aires, Argentina

El Sanjuanino – Buenos Aires, Argentina

I enjoyed probably one of the best beef empanadas I have ever tasted here. To go along with that always delicious and famous Argentinian beef, I really feel in love with this dining oasis of deliciousness in Buenos Aires. Who cares if it is a 14 hour plane ride, it just might be worth it. Lets go!

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Antarctica – The 7th Continent

Antarctica – The 7th Continent


Had an amazing journey in Antarctica. Thank you Quark Expeditions and Penguin Lifelines for the adventure of a lifetime. TBA for when a show regarding the trip will air on Small Bites with Glenn Gross and Derek Timm of Next up is Havana, Cuba in April to check out Four Points Havana, the food, culture, and landscape of Cuba.

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12-04-16 Small Bites with Glenn Gross and Derek Timm of



Have you woke up from your Thanksgiving turkey coma yet? Well its time to talk about food again as Small Bites with Glenn Gross and Derek Timm of on Wildfire Radio is live again at 635pm this Sunday, December 4th. This week we have an AMAZING lineup! P.J.W. Restaurant the company responsible for providing all the wings for the Philadelphia spectacle Wing Bowl stopped with 100 wings for us to enjoy. Not only do they help run that event, but P.J.W. Restaurant Group also has P.J. Whelihan’s Pub & Restaurant, The Pour House, treno pizza bar, The ChopHouse and 20 other restaurants locations to visit and dine. Also, one of the most beloved characters and well known personalites of Wing Bowl Bill El Wingador Simmons El Wingador – Five-time Wing Bowl Champion Bill “El Wingador” Simmons who is having a book released called “Snow on the Barb Wire” about his triumphs and failures in life available to order on and coming with him is Joe Vallee who helped him put this story on paper for the world to read. How could a show about Wing Bowl be complete without #wingettes? Well you are in luck as the 2016 Wingette of the Year Penelope Ford and her friend and fellow Wingette Riley Madison will be coming along, and they are not just a pretty face as they can kick your butt as well as they are both professional wrestlers. Well, we at Small Bites want to kick some butt as well, and we want to kick being hungry right in the gut. So we also have Tricia Yeo of Food Bank of South Jersey coming in studio to talk about how you can eat healthy and help end hunger for others. To top if off, for dessert we will have Jonathan Tammara the President of San Bernardo Ice Cream on the show to chat about some sweet treats that they serve on 75% of all cruise ships worldwide and joke of the week from legendary joke teller Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling. So Fat Jack’s BBQ and hope you will TuneIn worldwide or get on iTunes.