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El Manantial – Woodbury, NJ

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El Manantial – Woodbury, NJ


At first I wasn’t sure if I was in the right location when I walked through the doors of El Manantial as you enter into a nice Mexican Tienda and have to walk through to find your way to El Manantial. Once inside El Manantial it is quite a sight to be seen. This is sensory party for the eyes and you can see they are setup for some fun at night. They have specials every day for discounts and things going on which is nice. The food was pretty darn good as well and a large menu to choose from. I had 3 Mexican tacos of bistec, carnitas, and barbacoa which were a decent value, tasty, and filling.

Bo Ne Restaurant – Woodbury, NJ

Bo Ne Restaurant – Woodbury, NJ


I would have never thought to visit Woodbury, New Jersey to have some amazing Vietnamese food. Sitting in a small non-descript building close to the hospital is Bo Ne (BN). The staff makes you feel like family from the minute you step inside until the time you leave. They were very attentive to what everyone ordered and wanted to make sure you know what was in each dish and described them to make sure you would like it, or recommend something else that may be more to your liking. They hit the nail on the head for everyone that came. My meal would be their Thai chili glazed chicken wings that were FABULOUS and could be one of the best non “buffalo” style wings in South Jersey. Then I had the beef stew noodle soup that was fresh, flavorful, and delicious from first bite all the way to the last bite which was even more impressive than the first after all the different ingredients had time to simmer together to form on of the best bowls of this version of Pho around the area. There may not be much around the area to visit besides the hospital, or things to do, but BN is reason enough to make a visit to this part of South Jersey.