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Back Door Pizza – Cherry Hill, NJ

Back Door Pizza – Cherry Hill, NJ

#SmallBitesRadio was named #14 out of Top 30 Best Hospitality Shows on the planet for 2020.

One might equate that something coming out of the rear might be crappy. When you enter from behind it is normally out of the ordinary as you just don’t enter without permission. It could be messy or even stinky back there. The back door is usually just for exit, not entry. This is beginning to change and many are being receptive to having others penetrate this once taboo place to do your business. Well The Farm and Fisherman Tavern has taken the plunge with Back Door Pizza and it’s a well lubed operation. You order online, choose date and time to arrive, go to the rear of the strip mall, knock on door, and you are handed the food and on your way minimal contact or interaction. The highlight of the meal I ordered was having the Buttery Nut in my mouth. The Buttery Nut pizza is local butternut squash, butternut squash puree, fresh mozzarella, sage, and finished with a drizzle of brown butter and just amazing. The plain pizza is delicious as well with three local mozzarellas, pecorino, and tomato sauce. The meal was enjoyable from start to finish and if in the mood, I would certainly come again.

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