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A & A Soft Pretzel Baking Co – Camden, NJ

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A & A Soft Pretzel Baking Co – Camden, NJ

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I will go on the record and say that this place serves the closest old-school Philadelphia style version of a soft pretzel outside of Philadelphia. These are the pretzels of my youth sold by vendors on the corner of the street with the pretzels sitting in the paper bag and most times you’d see the vendor picking their nose, sneezing, hacking, or coughing but we still bought them and thought they were delicious. These type of pretzel bakeries are becoming fewer and fewer as convenience stores and chains make it hard for them to survive. Take my word and get your next order of pretzels from A & A. In great news, they are opening a brick and mortar retail location in Oaklyn, New Jersey so you will soon be able to buy them there also.

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