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The Original Mart Soft Pretzel Bakery – Cinnaminson, NJ

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The Original Mart Soft Pretzel Bakery – Cinnaminson, NJ

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The Pennsauken Mart may be long lost, almost forgotten, and to younger generation completely unknown. What has never left though thank goodness is The Original Mart Soft Pretzel Bakery and soft pretzel fans have reason to rejoice. These are great!

Below is from The Original Mart Soft Pretzel Bakery:

In 1965, a retired Philadelphia fireman undertook a venture that would establish a family legacy of the best pretzels in the tri-state area. Understanding the value of his wife Cass’s closely-guarded recipe, he founded Cass’ Soft Pretzel Bakery. The bakery was an instant success, drawing crowds of hungry locals with its distinct blend of airy, dutch-style pretzels and hometown charm

Mr. Fraser would soon pass his bakery onto his sons, and during this time Cass’ popularity became something akin to legend. Businessmen, hipsters, suburbanites and city-dwellers flocked to the Pennsauken Mart for the Frasers’ unique combination of hometown service and hearty (but fat-free!) indulgence.

After years of service to the community, Cass’ Soft Pretzel Bakery was forced to shut its doors due to the demolition of the site on which the original store was founded. Fearing the worst, customers sent emails and messages by the thousands, demanding the outfit reopen its doors. And, little more than a year after the Mart closed, Cass’ Soft Pretzels were reborn!

Now known as Mart Pretzels (an homage to the community-driven marketplace that we all knew and loved), we continue our tradition of service to the community in Cinnaminson and beyond. We’ve made some changes we think you’ll enjoy, like our expanded menu, party-tray options, and uniquely satisfying pretzel-sandwich offerings – but we also understand the importance of maintaining that taste you know and love. This is why we still use the same oven to bake our world-famous pretzels and continue the family tradition through Sandra and Shaughnessy Fraser, daughter and son of proprietors Don and Julia. Even Half-Price Marty crowns the wall above the counter, reminding customers that although the name and location might have changed, our commitment to quality remains the same.

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