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01-05-20 Small Bites Radio


D and L Coffee Service Inc. presents the #1 listed “Food Radio show Philadelphia” and #1 listed “Food Radio show South Jersey”, Small Bites with Donato Marino and Derek Timm of on Wildfire Radio returns this Sunday, January 5th at 635pm to kick off 2020 in style and hopefully have an Philadelphia Eagles win over the Seattle Seahawks while we do it. #FlyEaglesFly

Who better to make sure you get all your New Year Resolutions in order than Alison Ball Kilmer of Ali in the Valley dubbed the Urban Martha Stewart. Ali in the Valley is a lifestyle site about healthy, delicious food and simple lifestyle tips on how to be a great host or hostess…all while staying on a budget. She creates simple recipes for the urban soul and lives by my motto “home grown cooking – down to earth living!” With her experience from VP of Warner Bros. Entertainment Records, Founder of Alicat Media, Senior Director of A&R of RCA Records, and President of TuneGO Music Group no one does it better or is a more consummate professional. Ali is an entertainment biz executive who loves to entertain at home, as well as abroad and wants you to join her on her journeys and live your best life as well!!!

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, we are thrilled to welcome Jim Malaby, chef and owner of blueplate in Mullica Hill, New Jersey. Jim is one of South Jersey’s biggest local produce advocates and a pioneer of the farm to fork philosophy. Blueplate was closed for over a year due to a fire, but they have come back bigger and better than ever. Their loyal fan base was waiting for the highly anticipated return, and the wait if finally over. Jim will share the struggles, while also telling us what has changed and what the future holds. #LETSEAT

You say you STILL NEED MORE!!! Don’t forget we still have our regular weekly segments from Courier-Post nightlife correspondent and The New York Times recognized for Blog Eating in SJ, John Howard-Fusco for his news of the week and please remember that John’s book “A Culinary History of Cape May: Salt Oysters, Beach Plums & Cabernet Franc” from Arcadia Publishing The History Press is available, Chef Barbie Marshall who is a Chef Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 finalist, appeared on Season 17 of FOX Hell’s Kitchen #AllStars, as well named Pennsylvania’s most influential chef by Cooking Light will delight us with her tip of the week, and a joke of the week from legendary joke teller Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling of The Howard Stern Show fame and his autobiography “The Joke Man: Bow to Stern” from Post Hill Press is available for purchase on D & L Coffee Services Inc. and hope you will use the TuneIn app to listen worldwide or also catch Small Bites Radio syndicated on KGTK 920AM, KITZ 1400AM, KSBN 1230AM, KBNP 1410AM, iHeartRadio, Salem Radio Network, ScyNet Radio, Stitcher Radio, PodOmatic, Indie Philly Radio, Player FM, iTunes, and TryThisDish Radio which is the only independently owned and operated international chef-driven foodie and lifestyle radio network in the world.

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Blueplate – Mullica Hill, NJ

Blueplate – Mullica Hill, NJ

Culinary greatness it not the first thing that comes to mind When I think of Mullica Hill, New Jersey. I relate this town more with farmland, old houses, antique shops, and Route 322. Well Blueplate Restaurant (BR) is looking to change all of that. Chef James Malaby opened the place in 2005 and has gained an occult following, with many people singing their praises for delicious breakfasts and dinners. So of course I decided to go to BR for lunch.

The buzz at BR should also be about lunch. I started out with a french onion soup that made my knees buckle with robust flavor. I have had a lot of french onion all over the Philadelphia area, and I do not know if I just caught BR on their greatest made soup day, but they served me one of the best french onion soup I have ever had. It hit everything you look for in a good version of this soup and then some. I almost wanted to break my way into the kitchen, steal the entire crock and make a run for it. It was that good!

blueplate french onion

Up next was an order of Chicken Tenders. I could tell that the tenders were fresh and breaded in-house. They were juicy, pulled apart nicely, and had a nice flavor to them. My only complaint is that they did not come with any sauce to dip them in and when I asked for a side of BBQ sauce, what came out was obviously the jarred variety of bbq sauce. With Chef James’s eye for detail and fresh ingredients shown with the soup and tenders, that surprised me a little bit. Making a few homemade sauces to accompany the tenders, this could be a knockout appetizer.

blueplate chicken tenders

I could have left happy after my first two dishes, but being extra hungry I pushed the envelop with the Blueplate Steak Sandwich which is Andouille Sausage, Steak, Sweet Peppers and Provolone with a side of fries. All I have to say is “Wow”. I can not believe the precision and perfection BR has with this sandwich. The bread was the right texture holding everything in and not being too starchy, the peppers sliced so very tiny and thinly to hide in every bite, the Andouille Sausage giving it just that little bit of spice to made it stand out, and the steak was such a nice cut that not one bite of my entire sandwich was chewy at all. The only gripe, is that even though the fries were good, I would have went bonkers if they were fresh cut french fries.

blueplate cheesesteak
People may be talking about breakfast and dinner at BR, but I am hear to sing their praises for lunch. I can not recall a more enjoyable and surprising lunch experience than I had at BR in a long time. It started out rough with just a few lags in service that came with the waitstaff switching from breakfast to lunch. Being given the dinner menu instead of the lunch menu causing me to change my order all together, and disappointed over the jarred bbq sauce, but BR’s kitchen staff made anything that seemed wrong at the moment all right again with dishes exuding fantastic flavors and once the waitstaff regrouped service went beautifully. With BR now on my radar, I will have to see what all the talk is about the other two meals of the day, but in the meantime you should try them for lunch.

Four out of Five Stars