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Corson’s Steaks – Haddonfield, NJ

Corson’s Steaks – Haddonfield, NJ

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Cheesesteaks have gained the spotlight and are very serious business. They also bring huge arguments of who is the best, type of cheese used, meat selection, how it sliced or chopped, does roll stands up, etc. and more. Well another contender has entered the ring and they are coming out swinging. Corson’s Steaks is putting out a really quality cheesesteak at a reasonable price and is more like a well seasoned fighter than a rookie new to the scene. Maybe it is due to their background. The roll was a decent size and held the generous portion of meat and cheese nicely without getting soggy and didn’t fall apart at all. The meat was sliced a little thicker than most, but was a good quality of rib-eye and it let the meat shine instead of chopping it to death like some places while not being chewy or greasy at all with a great balance of cheese to meat. The onions are an added charge, and were a really good compliment. An awesome surprise was the side of fries. They are hand-cut and wonderful. It felt like a summertime boardwalk treat with just the right amount of salt. I only wish they asked for a side of malt vinegar for me to dip them into.

This endeavor is the brainchild of Chef Mark Rooks who has a busy blocking going on in Haddonfield with Corson’s, Rent A Chef, and Beast of the Street all at the same place. It’s a mini, but very powerful foodie empire he has going on there. Corson’s just might be the piece that cements an expansion legacy and what dreams are made out of if they can keep up with the quality and demand that is sure to come. Highly recommend a visit.

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Small Bites with Scott Macom and Derek Timm of on Wildfire Radio – TuneIn we had have in studio The Original Pat’s King of Steaks in South Philly and they will talk about Cheesesteaks and their “Guest Chef” series that supports charity and has had guest chefs like Chef Jose Garces, also in studio was Blueplate a FARM to FORK establishment in historic Mullica Hill, New Jersey. Then Food Bank of South Jersey called in to talk about the “Food Bank Hunger Wars” that FOX 29 Bill Anderson hosted and our very own Scott Macom and Chef Barbie Marshall along with Tammy Paolino of Courier-Post and Marques Colston of New Orleans Saints judged. Chef Barbie Marshall called in to tell us what has her angry this week was getting served what she did not order, John Howard-Fusco of John and Lisa Are Eating in South Jersey and nightlife correspondent for Courier-Post will give us a food news update, and a food joke of the week from Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling.

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Del Rossi’s Cheesesteak Co. – Philadelphia, PA

Del Rossi’s Cheesesteak Co. – Philadelphia, PA

Del Rossi’s Cheesesteak Co. (DR) looks hip and young the moment you step inside. From the signs of order online at to make sure you get your mobile alerts from them, to joining their many social media pages. They want you to know they are not your grandfathers cheesesteak joint of years ago and welcome those who live in the digital world.

The menu is quite large compared to other steak sandwich locations around the city as some of their competitors only offer a steak sandwich to order and nothing else. With cheesesteak in their name, I went with a cheesesteak wit (that means with cheese and my choice was american), fried onions well done, and ketchup with a side order of spicy cajun fries that included a cup of melted american cheese.

del rossi

The cheesesteak was definitely of a higher quality cut compared to your average pizza shop cheesesteaks, but the meat that was given to me had a lot of gristle in it and made my sandwich very chewy and tough throughout. I could have just been unlucky, but whoever was cooking should have noticed this and corrected the problem and used a different batch of meat. The onions were grilled nicely and they were generous with their cheese portion, but they were a little heavy handed with the ketchup. The fries were fresh cut which is a nice thing to see and the seasoning was nice, but again they went a little overboard with the amount they applied. The melted american cheese cup is a welcome site and enhanced the french fry experience greatly compared to pizza shop fries.

DR has the makings of being a great steak sandwich location, but they need to focus a little more on execution. If they can work out the kinks and perfect something all their own without being too cliche, they could be the place to beat since they offer more than just cheesesteaks, but with cheesesteak the largest portion of their name, they need to work on that first.

Would I go back? Yes, I would at least try them one more time hoping the bad meat portion I received was just a fluke.