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10-06-19 Small Bites Radio


Small Bites

D and L Coffee Service Inc. presents the #1 listed “Food Radio show Philadelphia” and #1 listed “Food Radio show South Jersey”, Small Bites with Donato Marino and Derek Timm of on Wildfire Radio Podcast Recording Studio this Sunday, October 6th at 635pm EST with a stellar lineup and special co-host John Howard-Fusco.
We are happy to welcome Jordan Zucker, a University of Pennsylvania graduate to talk about the first of its kind cookbook harmonizing food, wine, and sound “One Dish – Four Seasons: Food, Wine, and Sound – All Year Round” from Home Sauce Publications. The cookbook is a thoughtfully laid out family collaboration and sophisticated labor of love. Zucker also known as the ringleader for the modern female sports fan (who hosts A Girl’s Guide to Sports, appeared on Food Network’s Grill It! with Bobby Flay, and was a recurring character on the popular TV series Scrubs) takes a base recipe, and by varying seasonally available ingredients, creatively builds four versions of each dish (with help from her expert cook mom): for winter, spring, summer and fall. Then the dish goes from good to great when matched with a complementing wine (with suggestions from her former- sommelier dad) and hip tunes. Jordan also has a book signing at University of Pennsylvania Bookstore Barnes & Noble on Monday, October 14th at 6pm.
Then we are thrilled to welcome Daniel Leader the pioneer from Bread Alone Bakery, who revolutionized American artisan bread baking to talk about his new book with Lauren Chattman called “Living Bread: Tradition and Innovation in Artisan Bread Making” from Avery Publishing of Penguin Group (USA). At twenty-two, Daniel Leader stumbled across the intoxicating perfume of bread baking in the back room of a Parisian boulangerie, and he has loved and devoted himself to making quality bread ever since. He went on to create Bread Alone, the now-iconic bakery that has become one of the most beloved artisan bread companies in the country. Today, professional bakers and bread enthusiasts from all over the world flock to Bread Alone Bakery’s headquarters in the Catskill, New York to learn Dan’s signature techniques and baking philosophy. Living Bread provides a fascinating look into the way artisan bread baking has evolved and continues to change–from wheat farming practices and advances in milling, to sourdough starters and the mechanics of mixing dough. Influenced by art and science in equal measure, Leader presents exciting twists on classics such as Curry Tomato Ciabatta, Vegan Brioche, and Chocolate Sourdough Babka, as well as traditional recipes. Sprinkled with anecdotes and evocative photos from Leader’s own travels and encounters with artisans who have influenced him, Living Bread is a love letter, and a cutting-edge guide, to the practice of making “good bread.”
Also joining in on the fun will be John Stewart the owner and Executive Chef of Kitchen 519 a standby for American comfort food prepared with local ingredients in a cheerful, art-lined space in Glendora, New Jersey. A former mechanics garage has been transformed with high ceilings, eclectic design, and lots of flair giving Kitchen 519 a feel not found around the area. The menu is constantly evolving and innovative with a focus on fresh and sustainable always trying to give back to the community while still being affordable for all to come out and dine.
Last but certainly not least is Michael Gabriele to talk about his fourth book on New Jersey history “Stories from New Jersey Diners: Monuments to Community” from American Palate The History Press Arcadia Publishing documenting colorful stories from the Diner Capital of the World. Michael is a graduate of Montclair State University and has worked as a journalist, freelance writer, diner blogger for Jersey Bites, and author for more than forty years. He is a member of the board of trustees for the annual New Jersey Folk Festival at Rutgers University and a member of the executive board for the Nutley Historical Society and serves on the advisory board of the Clifton Cultural Arts Center. Diners are where communities across the Garden State go to celebrate milestones, form lifetime bonds and take comfort in food. Daily life at the counter or in the booth inspires sentimental recollections that reflect the state’s spirit and history. Late-night eats fueled Wildwood, New Jersey wild rock-and-roll days. An entrepreneur traveled eight thousand miles from India and opened a diner in Shamong, New Jersey. From an impromptu midnight wedding in an Elizabeth lunch wagon to a Vietnam veteran sustained by a heartfelt note from a beloved Mount Holly Township NJ waitress, these are true tales from the soul of New Jersey.
You say you STILL NEED MORE!!! Don’t forget we still have our regular weekly segments from Courier-Post nightlife correspondent and The New York Times recognized for Blog Eating in SJ, John Howard-Fusco for his news of the week and please remember that John’s book “A Culinary History of Cape May: Salt Oysters, Beach Plums & Cabernet Franc” from Arcadia Publishing The History Press is available, Chef Barbie Marshall who is a Chef Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 finalist, appeared on Season 17 of FOX Hell’s Kitchen #AllStars, as well named Pennsylvania’s most influential chef by Cooking Light will delight us with her tip of the week, and a joke of the week from legendary joke teller Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling of The Howard Stern Show fame and his autobiography “The Joke Man: Bow to Stern” from Post Hill Press is available for purchase on D & L Coffee Services Inc. and hope you will use the TuneIn app to listen worldwide or also catch Small Bites Radio syndicated on KGTK 920AM, KITZ 1400AM, KSBN 1230AM, KBNP 1410AM, iHeartRadio, Salem Radio Network, ScyNet Radio, Stitcher Radio, PodOmatic, Indie Philly Radio, Player FM, iTunes, and TryThisDish Radio which is the only independently owned and operated international chef-driven foodie and lifestyle radio network in the world.

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Kitchen 519 – Glendora, NJ

Kitchen 519 – Glendora, NJ

Sometimes the places you find off the beaten path turn out to be some of the best places to go to. This can be a difficult business model if you are a restaurant. Feet usually equally fannies in seats, so if you are not close to foot traffic or a busy downtown, word of mouth is what you may live or die by. Social media has made getting the word out a little easier, and that is how Kitchen 519 (K5) came onto my radar. If you do not know where they are located, they really just pop out at you from the middle of nowhere.

Stepping into K5 they have a lot going on in modest sized digs. From various paintings hanging around the place available for purchase, to an antique stove and apron setup, mason jar lighting, to random pieces of artwork surrounding the dining area and after peaking at the menu the only thing that comes to mind to describe K5 is eclectic to the max. One of the highlights were I thoroughly enjoyed the can of trivial pursuit on each table to play while waiting for the food. I would start things off with an order of Hoisin Calamari and a lemon-lime craft soda.

k cala

I normally do not list what I order to drink in most of my reviews, but K5 made such an impression I had to note it. The waiter came to deliver my beverage and while handing over the straw dropped it on the floor. He apologized and stated he would be right back with another one. Five minutes passed and upon walking it over, he dropped the next one on the floor as well. Again apologies abound and he again stated another straw would be delivered. He was not seen again until the appetizer was delivered and forgot the straw stating he would bring it out. This was a reoccurring theme as he forgot to bring it upon his visits with my main course and dessert as well, causing a new straw to never be delivered at all.

Now it is time to talk about the Hoisin Calamari. It consisted of calamari, hoisin sauce, pepers, onions, fresh basil, and house pickled jalapenos. I did enjoy this flavorful as it was out of the ordinary, combination worked surprisingly well, and is not something regularly seen. The menu stated the calamari was fresh. If it was fresh it was must have been overcooked or cooked much earlier in the day as the calamari was pretty dry giving it more of a frozen calamari texture and not moist or tender like you would get with nicely cooked fresh calamari. With a little more care, this dish could go from good to grand. My main course would be the Strawberry Citrus Salmon.

k sal

The main dish was grilled salmon with a strawberry glaze and citrus brown rice. Interesting concept, but completely misfired. The salmon was too well done causing it to be very dry as well as very salty, and the citrus brown rice was a little too much on the sour side causing a slight pucker like when eating a lemon. Not something I would recommend or try again. Some people would call it quits after such a dish, but I decided to order dessert. I would get bananas foster and a vanilla bean crème brulee.

k foster

Just when I thought all hope was lost with K5 they came into the final round swinging for the stars. The banana foster was sautéed bananas, butter rum sauce, vanilla bean ice cream, all on a cinnamon sugar tortilla shell. I was a little hesitant at first to accept the tortilla shell, but everything single aspect of the dish worked like a charm. The bananas were cooked perfectly, while all the gooey goodness floating around the dish, and the contrast of the tortilla shell to scoop everything up was just brilliant. I only wish there was one more spoonful of ice cream. As if that was not enough the crème brulee came out and bewildered me with a dollop of homemade whipped cream topping. Again something I had never seen. Well another stroke of genius for K5 as it was heavenly. The crème brulee was amazing, with a perfectly caramelized top, the vanilla bean filling was fabulous, and the whipped cream was simply phenomenal.

k creme

K5 was a mix of major ups and downs. If I had only come for dessert I would think they were one of the greatest places of all time, and thankfully was their saving grace the day I visited. The service was slightly below average and the dishes were conceptually intriguing causing them not live up to their potential. The décor is mishmash, but gives you a welcome feeling nonetheless. K5 is new. If they can iron out more of an identity not only in the ambiance, but also the menu I think they can be successful. With the menu they offer, you can tell the chef is very creative, willing to push culinary boundaries, and experimental. I applaud him for that, but just ask for a little better execution. Last but certainly not least, they may be better suited to just put pile of straws on each table.


20th Annual Taste of South Jersey at Adventure Aquarium – Presented by Camden County Regional Chamber of Commerce

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20th Annual Taste of South Jersey – Presented by Camden County Regional Chamber of Commerce

When you think of any Chamber of Commerce sponsoring an event, you know you will be in for mixing, mingling, and marketed to by businesses seeking to expose their services to a diverse audience. The 20th Annual Taste of South Jersey held at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey was no different, and the three M’s of mixing, mingling, and marketing I have come to expect, but the ‘M’ that I was surprised not to see were the” M’M! M’M! Good!” M’s made famous by Campbells Soup especially since this event was held directly in their headquarters backyard and was attended by prominent minded business foodies who are bound to talk about the great food served. That made me scratch my head as I continue to read articles about Campbells Soup losing market share and wanting to expose the younger generation their old and newer releases of food out on the market as their competitors are gaining ground. Their loss is others gain to highlight their food offerings and services, and enough of me yacking about who was not there, let us talk about who was.

First and foremost the Adventure Aquarium was a highlight all of its own on a gorgeous night on the beautiful Camden Waterfront to have an event at one of the nicest aquariums around and be able to see some of their world-class exhibits while nibbling on an array of scrumptious foods. If you have never been to the Adventure Aquarium, you truly have to go and check it out for yourself and make a day of it.

Now time to talk about the food. The variety of food from bbq ribs, polenta budino, salt and pepper tiger shrimp, gourmet pound cakes, and hot corned beef sandwiches are just a few of the highlights I had and the event really covered the foodie spectrum from A to Z. (some pictures are at the bottom of the article) I was really impressed with the variety of exhibitors present, organization of the event, setup, and hospitality shown at every station. This was my first time covering this event and I am looking forward to next year as I am sure it is only going to get better.

If you would like more information on the Camden County Regional Chamber of Commerce and see what other events they have planned CLICK HERE

Here is complete list of exhibitors for 20th Annual Taste of South Jersey:

Lourdes Health System, Miller’s Mt. Laurel Ale House, Distrito, Benihana, Terra Nova at Wyndam Hotel, F&M Restaurant & Catering, Red Hot & Blue, Kitchen 519, The Kibitz Room – Reuben on Rye, Embers at the Crowne Plaza, Bahama Breeze, Leave the Details Too Me, Red Lobster, Classic Cake, Melitta Coffee, Dibartolo Bakery, Cocktails on Call, Victorian Savories Bakery, George’s Gourmet Pound Cakes, Sift Bake Shop, Seasons 52, Giambri’s Quality Sweets, Osteria