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Magnificent Meals – Gloucester City, NJ

Magnificent Meals – Gloucester City, NJ

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The food here is mostly Latin style focused. I had their pernil and rice which was pretty basic. Establishment is completely take-out or delivery as the interior is not setup for any patrons. In regards to menu it is posted only on social media as no proper website or paper menu. The day I ordered was around 4pm and even though menu was posted just two hours prior on Facebook the large majority of choices I asked for were out or not serving that day and even the choice I did ask for over the phone when I arrived they said they forgot they didn’t have it so I went with the pernil as it was that or baked chicken with white or yellow rice as the only things to choose from. Don’t know if the woman was a regular employee or helping out as she didn’t seem to be fully aware of where everything was in the place as had to search for forks and napkins. They have potential as the area they are serving lacks take-out diversity. I will be interested to see if they can capitalize.

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