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Magnificent Meals – Gloucester City, NJ

Magnificent Meals – Gloucester City, NJ

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The food here is mostly Latin style focused. I had their pernil and rice which was pretty basic. Establishment is completely take-out or delivery as the interior is not setup for any patrons. In regards to menu it is posted only on social media as no proper website or paper menu. The day I ordered was around 4pm and even though menu was posted just two hours prior on Facebook the large majority of choices I asked for were out or not serving that day and even the choice I did ask for over the phone when I arrived they said they forgot they didn’t have it so I went with the pernil as it was that or baked chicken with white or yellow rice as the only things to choose from. Don’t know if the woman was a regular employee or helping out as she didn’t seem to be fully aware of where everything was in the place as had to search for forks and napkins. They have potential as the area they are serving lacks take-out diversity. I will be interested to see if they can capitalize.

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Latin American Restaurant – 3521 Federal St, Camden, NJ

Latin American Restaurant – 3521 Federal St, Camden, NJ


Had the grilled chicken with yellow rice and pigeon peas and a beef patty. Everything was delicious and the price couldn’t be beat. Really enjoyed it all. Service was quick and friendly. Would go back there for sure.

As usual don’t forget to listen to the #1 listed “Food Radio Show Philadelphia” and the #1 listed “Food Radio Show South Jersey” Small Bites Radio on Sundays at 635pm on Wildfire Radio at:

#SmallBitesRadio has been named #14 out of Top 30 Best Hospitality Shows on the planet for 2020. We are thrilled about the news.




El Sitio Grill & Cafe – Collingswood, NJ

El Sitio Grill & Cafe – Collingswood, NJ

Strolling down Haddon Avenue in Collingswood, New Jersey your eyes
and nose are in for a treat. This street has a little bit of
everything for everyone and since I had never eaten at El Sitio Grill & Cafe
(ES) before I decided to give them a try for lunch. The inside is
very relaxing with a nice ambiance and mood about the place and
they have a large, if not the largest outdoor seating space of any
of Collingswood’s restaurants. ES starts your experience off with a
dish of Olive Oil sauteed mushrooms and herbs and fresh bread.

el sitio olive oil

I could have eaten ten dishes of this stuff, it was that good. It
was a nice change of pace from the normal and a great beginning.
My appetizer would be Argentinean Style Empanadas.

el sitio empanada

My Argentinean Style Empanadas consisted of wheat flour empanadas
stuffed with seasonings, fresh vegetables, herbs, chicken, and
beef. I went with the chicken and beef all in one since I could
not decide on which version I wanted more and my server
recommended to put them all in one. Well kudos to my well-informed
server, because they were fantastic this way and I highly suggest
any meal at ES to start out with them. My lunch entrée would be
the El Sitio Burger.

el sitio burger

The El Sitio Burger was beef, cheese, breaded onions, and homemade
BBQ Sauce. I will start out with the good. The fresh breaded
onions were fantastic and some of the best I have had in a long
time and the homemade bbq sauce was great. It gave the entire
burger a very nice distinct flavor unlike other burgers I have
had. It was not overpowering, yet it was strong enough to let you
know it was someone special and out of the ordinary. Now sadly on
to the bad. The roll was stale and just fell apart with each bite.
I requested my burger to be done medium, and it came out VERY well
done. It was served with provolone cheese. Not to say that I do
not enjoy a burger with provolone cheese, but this was not the
burger to be putting it on. It just put the flavor profile all out
of whack. Last but not least, the burger was served with the
dreaded double breaded french fry. Please I beg of all restaurants
to throw them in the trash, and either make your own or buy a
higher grade of french fry.

ES had their ups and downs, but I really did enjoy their ups
allowing me to slightly overlook their downs. The service was very
pleasant and efficient, prices were affordable, and they are
providing dishes not seen everywhere done well for the most part.
If they can keep an eye on the freshness of their rolls, be a
little more aware of overcooking their burgers, not putting
provolone cheese on them, and get a fresh french fry coming out of
the kitchen, ES has the potential to go from a place people are
talking about them for having dishes that are a little different then the
norm, to start talking about them having dishes you have to see and eat
to believe because of how good they are.